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Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive | Hazardous Materials

Real Response’s CBRN-E & Hazmat Medical courses are designed and delivered by highly skilled instructors who have working knowledge of the CBRN-e and Hazmat space. This level of expertise provides Real Response with the capacity to tailor each course to the specific disciplines and environments required by each client.

Real Response’s CBRN-e and Hazmat Medical Courses can be delivered from a variety of educational platforms including; face-to-face training and self-paced or guided virtual courses. Consolidation of knowledge and competency are assessed through high fidelity live and virtual simulations, as well as case study theory assessments.

These courses are primarily focused on frontline care and are designed for both non-medical personnel and clinicians.

About Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRN-e) and Hazmat Medical Courses with Real Response

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRN-e) and HAZMAT Medical Courses developed by Real Response are in accordance with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines and the latest medical evidence. Real Response’s CBRN-E & HAZMAT Medical Courses are designed and delivered by highly skilled instructors, this allows Real Response to provide you with high quality practical training and advice on medical incidences that you are likely to encounter. In addition, Real Response has the capacity to tailor the content and consolidation simulations of each course to suit our clients needs.

Real Responses values the use of realistic simulations to consolidate learning learning objectives and all CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Courses have been developed in-line with the award winning Real Response methodology. This means that every student enrolled in a CBRN-e or HAZMAT course will participate in virtual or live simulations that are realistic to this space.


Each student will be issued with a certificate which may be used to receive CBD points from their organisation, college or clinical registration. This certificate will state the length of the CBRN-e and HAZMAT Course and the learning objectives covered.

All CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Courses have been developed in accordance with the latest medical evidence and follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

Who should do the Real Response CBRN-e and Hazmat Medical Course?

The Real Response CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Courses are designed for individuals and organisations working within high risk environments; including but to limited to, state emergency services (law-enforcement, ambulance, fire-services, state emergency services), humanitarian organisations and individuals or organisations in private security and offshore mining companies.

The course content and the depth of medical skills assessed during simulations is dependent on the medical scope of each student. The CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Course is recommended for both non-medical and clinician of all levels. Likewise, the course content is primarily focused on front-line interventions, however, these principles can be applied to throughout the patient care processes and for first responders, pre-hospital care providers and individuals working within advanced medical facilities. Moreover, the course content is relevant for individuals working within all areas of an organisations, including including supervisor and

This course is considered highly valuable for individuals working within the domestic and international space who manage teams within high risk environments; specifically, those involved in maintaining the health and safety of team members.

Tailor Developed CBRN-e And HAZMAT Medical Course For Your Organisation

Real Response understands that there are an infinite number of sectors and professions working within high risk CBRN-e and HAZMAT environments, each requiring vastly different forms of training. Thus, Real Response offers to tailor each CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Course to fit your operational context.

Real Response will ensure that the course is designed to include the most likely situations you will encounter, as well as the worst possible situation you are at risk of encountering. Tailor made courses are effective tools in staff training and can be used to test and adjust your protocols.

What’s the difference between CBRN-e and HAZMAT

CBRN-E and HAZMAT incidents have a lot in common, however, they are separated by one key factor, INTENT. CBRN-e threats refers to the deliberate use of agents or materials to cause injury or death. In comparison, HAZMAT refers to accidental spills and leakages of agents or materials that cause injury or death. Although there is significant overlap in the way we care for both CBRN-e and HAZMAT casualties, in a CBRN-e incident the presence of a hostile environment requires additional considerations when responding to medical emergencies.


There are no prerequisites for the CBRN-e and HAZMAT Medical Courses, however, it is advised that all individuals have completed at a minimum a first aid certificate in the last 3 years.