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In order to make the certification process run more smoothly, Real Response requires your USI before your training date so that any issues with this element of registration can be resolved before the session.

No, legally your USI cannot be included on your certificate.

Yes, your student number is individual to your university and does not link to the USI system. You will need to create a USI.

You will need to follow the process laid out on the website. See here.

Real Response requires three bits of information to verify a USI.
  1. Legal first and last names as used to create the USI
  2. DOB
  3. The actual USI
If you provide any details on registration that do not exactly match those used to create your USI, Real Response will not be able to verify your USI. See here.

Your USI is a personal identifier, like a Medicare number or Social Security numbers. Registered Training Organisations only have a limited access to USI details. All Student Management Systems used by RTOs must connect to the USI system so USI verification can be immediate, but this connection is only one way, meaning we cannot draw information from the USI system onto your student profile.

The website provides support to identify missing USIs. See here.

Anyone who does accredited training in Australia has to have a USI. You will need to register as an ‘International Student’. See here.

You can give your employer or RTO permission to create a USI for you. Real Response as a Registered Training Organisation, are more than happy to create a USI for you, however as we run short courses, the course cost will increase due to the administration required for this process.

You need to go to the website and follow the steps provided. This will also require you to provide a legal form of identification and personal details.