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The Level 3 first aid skill encompasses first aid and CPR attainments along with the ability to manage first aid facilities, equipment and records. Maintaining appropriate provision of first aid in a workplace environment is essential, as is the response in the event of an emergency. Every unit of study completed at Real First Aid is a significant component of complete first aid understanding applicable to all workplace and community settings. First aid courses are designed to satisfy government regulations, industry expectations, and employment obligations. Real First Aid incorporates industry-first simulations for advanced first aid learning, resulting in greater knowledge retention and the ability to act with certainty in an emergency. Occupational first aid group courses are tailored for industry-specific learning that engages participants, encouraging knowledge assimilation and improved job performance.

Key Information

Duration: 2-3 Day

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  • HLTAID006
  • On site training available
  • Nationally Accredited
  • CPR Included
  • Certification length: 3 years
  • Simulation training included

The level 3 first aid skill set

In addition to essential first aid procedures and practices as taught in Provide Advanced First Aid, formerly known as Level 3 First Aid course, Occupational First Aid (HLTSS00027) provides the knowledge to facilitate and maintain appropriate provision of first aid skills in the workplace. The course is suitable for those in management roles as well as employees nominated for level 3 first aid positions. A thorough understanding of workplace first aid skills, requirements and facilities is undertaken. Workplace requirements can include:
  • Identify hazards, assess risks and allocate first aid resources
  • Ensure adequate equipment and resources are available
  • Consultation with relevant parties in formulating a first aid action plan
  • Provide information to help minimise risks and improve first aid facilities


What Practice and Theory Does the Occupational First Aid Course Cover?

Occupational Advanced First Aid is a progressive course for people who require greater control over first aid facilities and equipment. Real First Aid ‘learning by doing’ simulations engage students in immersive role-play response participation, making theoretical course components much easier to understand and apply when required. Occupational First Aid (HLTSS00027) attainments include all components of Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006), Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID007) and Manage First Aid Services and Resources (HLTAID008). Occupational First Aid theory: Progressive workplaces, schools and community groups facilitate the wellbeing of visitors and employees. First aid knowledge ensures safety and security for everyone in the vicinity. In many occupations, first aid knowledge is applied daily and records need to be kept. Life-guards, security guards, emergency services, carers, OH&S, biosecurity officers and others all keep relevant details and reports regarding hazards, risks, accidents and emergencies that occur during their shift. Occupational First Aid is for people who want to take leadership roles. A lot of essential information is covered in the course, and graduates are equipped to undertake and oversee emergency procedures while also managing and using state-of-the-art first aid equipment. With added responsibility comes reward, and there is no greater reward than saving someone’s life. Occupational First Aid practice: At Real First Aid, course participants get hands-on experience using real emergency equipment. With the assistance of highly-trained course instructors, students recreate typical workplace emergency scenarios that take first aid and CPR training out of the text book and into the real world. The course is already recognised for achieving greater information and skills retention, while graduates become empowered to face emergencies and save lives without hesitation. Occupational First Aid guidelines are far-reaching, as the course material covers response to many common emergency scenarios, including cardiac arrest, collapse, breathing difficulties, near drownings, toxic shock, allergic reaction and more. Real First Aid course facilitators use innovative and creative methods to inspire students in an inclusive environment. Class sizes are kept small so no student falls behind, and the life-saving transformation of students is nothing short of astounding. At Real First Aid, the success of our students is our satisfaction, and knowing that lives will be saved makes all the team work worth it.

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