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First aid responders are equipped to treat anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) symptoms fast and effectively. Portable technologies are now life-saving devices, such as the EpiPen, an adrenaline autoinjector that contains a single pre-measured dose to counteract a wide range of severe allergic reactions. As key life-saving attainments, anaphylaxis treatments are featured in many first aid courses, although First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis 22099VIC, as taught at Real Response, provides a comprehensive introduction to anaphylaxis treatments and procedures.

Severe allergic reactions can be triggered by foodstuffs, medicines and chemicals, or caused by the sting of a bee or other insect. In extreme cases, the casualty can quickly lose equilibrium, breath, or even consciousness, but a fast emergency response will result in speedy recovery – such is the value of Real Response attainments. Anaphylaxis training content is easy to understand, while practical application is learnt using Real Response Simulation Training, all experienced in only 3 hours of enjoyable on-site learning.

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Duration: 2-3 Day

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  • HLTAID014
  • On site training available
  • Nationally Accredited
  • CPR Included
  • Certification length: 3 years
  • Simulation training included

Who Can Study First Aid Management Of Anaphylaxis?

In one sense, first aid training is a great social equaliser, as the skills can be learnt by almost anyone, regardless of age. At Real Response, training develops response skills for the real world, while anaphylaxis-specific first aid qualifications are in demand wherever people gather, such as childcare centres, age-care facilities, and workplaces in general.

Anaphylaxis response attainments are valued by progressive employers and an integral component of many occupations. Anyone with a desire for safer communities will benefit from anaphylaxis training that develops teamwork and leadership ability, along with a pro-active emergency response skill-set.

What Will I Learn With Anaphylaxis Training?

As with all Real Response courses, students are guided by experienced emergency services personnel. Our instructors understand that some anaphylaxis course participants need to overcome doubts and fears, and are at the ready to provide first-hand guidance wherever required. Real Response was established to present a first aid immersive learning experience providing greater knowledge retention, and the results are outstanding. Interactive training ensures anaphylaxis content is easily assimilated, with attainments that include:

  • Creating safer environments through anaphylaxis awareness
  • Identifying anaphylaxis triggers including food and drugs
  • Understanding common anaphylaxis symptoms such as breathing difficulties
  • EpiPen adrenaline auto-injection for counteracting anaphylactic shock
  • Communication with emergency services and other helpers

There are many anaphylactic shock triggers, and quickly identifying the symptoms is important for rapid response. Symptoms include localised pain, swelling, breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even complete cardiopulmonary collapse. Seemingly innocuous substances are deadly for some people, and understanding how to err on the side of caution is part of the learning experience.


What Attainments Will I Get With Anaphylaxis Training?

Real Response courses focus on significant accident and emergency situations where prompt attention is required prior to the arrival of emergency services or other medical staff. Anaphylaxis attainments provide a link in the life-saving chain, teaching the use of EpiPen devices that fit into a purse or pocket, ready for immediate retrieval and use. This attainment alone is enough to consider First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis a standout course worth considering.

Anaphylaxis qualifications are highly regarded, and when coupled with other Real Response attainments such as Provide CPR and Provide First Aid, life-saving capability is multiplied many times over. Real Response facilitates a natural learning progression that can be tailored for any school, community or workplace group.

Simulation Training For Immersive First Aid Learning

When knowledge isn’t utilized it can be quickly forgotten. This has been the case with first aid learning in the past, as emergency situations are uncommon for most people, and accurately recalling course information can be a challenge when under pressure. Real Response meets this challenge using revolutionary Simulation Training, where realistic scenarios are created using props, actors, emergency equipment, sirens and more in time-sensitive emergency response practice.

Simulation training is fun and inclusive, providing every course participant with the opportunity to develop life-saving skills. Most importantly, simulation training is known to greatly increase learning and knowledge retention, resulting in an emergency response skill-set that is ready for use whenever required. Simulation training is utilised by the police, emergency services, military, and many other organisations to maximise learning potential, and the Real Response introduction of simulation training into first aid training is greatly appreciated by Australians from all walks of life.

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