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Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) has high potential to be life threatening and should be treated as a medical emergency. As with any emergency, a fast response results in better patient outcomes, and first aid anaphylaxis training can make the difference between life and death. Real Response anaphylaxis management training results in a highly regarded first aid skill set and the confidence to step in and help during any emergency.

Severe allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis, can be caused by food, chemicals, medicines, bites, stings and other triggers. The onset of anaphylaxis can be rapid, although it’s not unusual for symptoms to take several hours to manifest. In addition, a severe allergic reaction can impact cardiovascular, respiratory and gastro-intestinal systems, making preventative anaphylaxis measures as important as treatment. Anaphylaxis training attainments from Real Response help graduates to see the big picture, where safety and vigilance is as important as a rapid response.

Key Information

Duration: 2-3 Day

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  • HLTAID014
  • On site training available
  • Nationally Accredited
  • CPR Included
  • Certification length: 3 years
  • Simulation training included

What Is Covered In This Course?

Every emergency response needs to be carried out with a degree of certainty. Real Response Anaphylaxis course participants are trained to identify anaphylaxis symptoms and undertake emergency treatment measures to assist the casualty. Leadership and teamwork skills are developed, along with the ability to communicate and act decisively under pressure.

Strategies for minimising the risk of anaphylaxis in the workplace, school or care environment are investigated. Real Response course attainments fulfil the ASCIA anaphylaxis training requirements for school and childcare workers. The First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis 22099VIC and 22282VIC courses are extremely valuable qualifications providing all the skills to manage an anaphylactic emergency, including the use of adrenaline auto-injectors and other life-saving strategies.


What Are The Basic Skills Needed?

First aid skills can be learnt by anyone, regardless of age or occupation. There are no course prerequisites, and anaphylaxis attainments are a natural counterpart to other Real Response qualifications. The knowledge and skills required to treat anaphylaxis are taught by experienced emergency services personnel using life-like simulations, role play and real emergency equipment. Our course instructors engage students in a learning by doing environment that encourages deeper learning.

Anaphylaxis first aid management training is comprehensive, yet easy to learn. Anyone with a desire for safe communities and workplaces can excel at first aid and become a genuine leader, especially in the event of an emergency.

Why Is This Course So Important?

Although accidents, injuries and allergic reactions are inevitable, complete recovery is possible the great majority of the time. Severe allergic reactions kill around 10 Australians every year, and first aid intervention could save those lives. Understanding the cause of anaphylaxis is a first aid preventative skill worth learning, and when coupled with practical knowledge of anaphylaxis treatments and management the attainments become exceptional skills to be proud of.

First aid, CPR and anaphylaxis training qualifications are essential for a wide range of careers, and are enthusiastically supported by progressive Australian industries and employers. Creating a work, school or social environment that is safe for everybody is possible if first aid knowledge and skills are encouraged, and Real Response is committed to providing the inspiration required.

What Qualifications Do You Receive?

Anaphylaxis management training courses take less than half a day to complete. Modern first aid practices and procedures are all easy to learn as individual course components, and each treatment and technique has specific attributes for saving lives. First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis certification is nationally accredited and lasts for 12 months prior to a refresher course.

First aid qualifications are highly regarded by employers. Progressive businesses appreciate safety and security innovations and are more likely to retain and promote employees with useful qualifications. First aid attainments instil a sense of responsibility and provide assurance that safety is a primary consideration. Course participants graduate with knowledge, skills and confidence to respond to any emergency with decisive action.

What Skills Do You Learn?

Real Response anaphylaxis training is a comprehensive, interactive and enlightening experience. Real life simulations are created to elicit natural emergency responses, immersing course participants and delivering optimum knowledge and skills retention. Course attainments include:

  • • The ability to identify anaphylaxis symptoms such as swelling, nausea, breathing difficulties and collapse.
  • • The capacity to create a safe work, school or social environment for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.
  • • Understanding the causes of anaphylaxis, including food, medicine, stings, bites and other environmental factors.
  • • Appropriate response to the casualty according to the severity of anaphylaxis symptoms.
  • • Administration of EpiPen and Anapen adrenaline injections for treating extreme allergic reactions.
  • • Communication with the patient, helpers and emergency services personnel.

At Real Response, class sizes are small enough to ensure every student is suitably guided to become a proficient and confident first aid practitioner, ready to act when an emergency arises.

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