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This course specifically applies to educators and support staff within an education and care setting and focuses on providing first aid to children. This certification is relevant for people who are required to have asthma and anaphylaxis training for children. Simulations will highlight the importance of demeanour as well as practical skills in assisting children in first aid situations.

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What You Will Learn?

  • First Aid codes of practice and workplace
  • Legal, workplace and community
  • Airway management
  • Provide artificial respiration
  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to an adult,
    child and infant
  • Use of a defibrillator
  • Provide first care to children

Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting

Australian household dynamics have been transforming for decades, and meeting the health and safety needs of men, women and children is a constant challenge. Education and care industries are now big business, with governments, employers and individuals all playing a role in creation of high-quality, first-aid-friendly facilities equipped to provide an emergency response in education and care settings. Maintaining work/school/home balance is difficult when schedules overlap, and care centres have been a boon for busy moms and dads, particularly when trained first aiders are on site.

Real Response education and care setting training provides a life-saving skill-set tailored for educators and support staff. The attainments gained in Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting (HLTAID012) are transferable across all school and care environments, with first aid and CPR training adapted for infants, children and adults. More young and vulnerable Australians than ever are commencing their education early, socialising with other children at care centres and trying new experiences. Childcare support staff are aware of the potential for accident, incident or emergency, while the Real Response training attainments are a compulsory component of recognised Australian education and care qualifications.


Who Would Benefit Attending an Emergency Response Course?

Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting (HLTAID012) is recognised as an industry-standard attainment for teachers, support staff, carers and parents. The competencies gained in HLTAID012 provide broad scope for emergency response, empowering graduates with the confidence to oversee and manage school and care groups of all sizes. Lasting 1 or 2 days, HLTAID012 encompasses first aid, CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis training specifically tailored for carers and educators.

Commencing employment in an education and care setting can be intimidating for newcomers to the industry. Fortunately, regulations dictate that workplaces include provision of trained first aid staff, first aid facilities and guidelines to minimise workplace risks and hazards. In other words, training with Real Response provides a career-leap with confidence, delivering the ability to spot an emergency and respond decisively by applying the appropriate first aid procedure. When the care of vulnerable children is paramount, it’s good to know Real Response is making a real difference.


Why is Education and Care Setting First Aid Different?

Every Real Response course is uniquely tailored for industry-specific purposes, while group learning is encouraged by enhanced Simulation Training – a Real Response success story. Education and care environments are large establishments staffed by qualified personnel and catering to the needs of diverse individuals, necessitating a tailored first aid learning approach. HLTAID012 course content and attainments specifically designed for the industry include:

  • Provision of CPR and first aid to adults, children and infants
  • First aid practices that satisfy education and care services national law
  • Precautions and procedures for ensuring a safe care environment
  • Appropriate airway management procedures for young children
  • Understanding the psychological and emotional impact of emergencies on children
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and emergencies according to employer guidelines


What Other First Aid Attainments are Included in HLTAID012?

At Real Response, knowledge and skills are equally important attributes for saving lives. Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting is an incredibly comprehensive training course encompassing the attainments of Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID009), Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID010), and Provide First Aid (HLTAID011). In addition, the course is further tailored for specific education and care environments including schools, childcare centres, rest homes and community spaces. HLTAID012 attainments include:

  • Provide first aid care to children
  • Adrenaline use for treating anaphylactic shock (extreme allergic reaction)
  • Correct artificial respiration and airways management procedures
  • Experience using a defibrillator
  • Bandaging and dressing wounds, sprains and broken bones
  • Communication with young casualties, onlookers, helpers and emergency services


Children are active, adventurous, and prone to have accidents now and then. However, when real emergencies occur it’s essential to have trained first aid staff on hand to respond in a timely and effective manner. Real Response Simulation Training offers enhanced learning, greater knowledge retention, and the skill-set to act decisively whenever emergencies occur.


What is Real Response Simulation Training?

Real Response Simulation Training is becoming well known with progressive employers, including those in education and care settings. Simulations create realistic work, school and community scenarios for increased absorption in the learning initiative, enabling course participants to graduate with much more than just theoretical knowledge. Simulations include actors, props, emergency calls, sirens, teamwork and more, all taking place within life-saving timeframes.

Real Response was established for greater first aid and CPR training uptake by Australians. The message is being heard, with governments, employers and individuals actively encouraging first aid trained staff across a broad range of occupations. State-of-the-art first aid equipment and devices provide access to life saving capability in almost every environment, including the lives of a new generation of Australian children.


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