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Senior First Aid, also known as Level 2 First Aid, Apply First Aid and Provide First Aid, is among the most popular first aid training courses available. Course participants develop comprehensive skills and knowledge for responding to the most commonly experienced emergencies, and when training is delivered by some of Australia’s best paramedics and medical emergency personnel at Real Response, the qualifications become deeply embedded.

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What is senior first aid?

Senior First Aid (HLTAID011) is the industry standard training course favoured by employers and recognised by the Australian Resuscitation Council. This course transforms the skill-set of regular Australians, enabling them to prioritise health and safety at work, home, or anywhere else. Senior First Aid is a life saving solution for people in need, and also opens up opportunities for workplace promotion, diversification, or an entirely new career trajectory.

Since establishment in late 2014, Real Response has revolutionised first aid training in Australia using state of the art simulation-based training methods that encourage deeper learning, superior knowledge retention and greater ability to provide appropriate first aid response in wide-ranging emergency situations. The nationally accredited qualifications are valid for 3 years, making Senior First Aid an ideal course for people who have completed Basic Emergency Life Support training, or for those who want access to higher first aid levels for developing an all-round skill set.

What is level 2 first aid?

Level 2 First Aid is an alternative name for Senior First Aid or Provide First Aid (HLTAID011). The Level 2 First Aid certificate course has evolved along with the name to incorporate cutting edge techniques and equipment formerly only accessible to fully qualified paramedics and emergency services personnel. Today’s new generation of trained first aiders utilise equipment such as defibrillators and adrenaline auto-injectors that save lives every day around Australia.

Real Response was founded to address the disparity between first aid qualifications and actual ability to perform emergency response procedures correctly, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Major Australian businesses and organisations such as Sanitarium, Mercure Hotels and the Salvation Army are onboard, and our expansion in both Melbourne and Sydney has allowed Real Response to diversify with in-house, onsite and public training courses for the benefit of all Australians.

How much is CPR and first aid training?

If yours is a small or large business or organisation with a focus on improved health and safety, Senior First Aid is the course for you. Real Response provides onsite training at your premises for between 1-7 people at a flat rate of $1270, irrespective of numbers, making this course the best investment of time and money you can make. Our Melbourne and Sydney ‘Public’ training courses are another great option, held in convenient-to-reach locations around the city and suburbs, with costs ranging from $120-$165.


Where can I get first aid certified?

The opportunity to get first aid certified has never been easier. Real Response education and training professionals can conduct the entire course at your premises. Advantages of onsite training include development of a coordinated team of first aiders, hazard and risk mitigation strategies, and even the potential for establishing dedicated onsite first aid facilities and equipment storage.

If onsite training isn’t suitable, we invite first aid trainees to experience the same comprehensive training in-house and with public training courses. For additional flexibility, you can complete the theory component of the course online, enabling you to complete the practical course component in only one day.

How to get a first aid certificate?

This is where Real Response recognised training stands out from the competition. Our simulation-based training methods place course participants into realistic emergency response action even while training. Course graduates are ready, willing and able to safely approach any emergency the moment training is complete. First Aid simulation training includes:

  • Actors and props for enhanced realism
  • Emergency lights, sirens, 000 calls, pyrotechnics and more
  • Timed emergency response practice for optimum training results
  • Use of real emergency equipment and devices
  • Team bonding and teamwork for development of coordinated first aid staff

What is involved in senior first aid level 2?

Senior First Aid (Level 2) is empowering, thanks to the amazing array of skills you will learn in a short space of time. Low-frequency, high-risk emergencies aren’t an everyday occurrence for most people, so we ensure delivery of a skill set that can be carried with you for life. Here are just some of the attainments gained in Senior First Aid.

  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to an adult, child and infant
  • Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) practice
  • Anaphylaxis response using an adrenaline auto-injector
  • Response to seizures, shock and other debilitating emergencies
  • Immobilisation techniques for addressing head and spinal injuries
  • Appropriate treatment of sprains, strains, fractures and dislocations
  • Management of bleeding, plus correct bandaging techniques

For more information about the Senior First Aid Certificate (HLTAID011) or other courses, contact Real Response today and get your first aid journey started.


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