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First aid and CPR courses at Real Response are tailored to create safe workplace environments. People who work in electricity supply and service industries are ideal candidates for first aid training due to increased exposure to risks on a regular basis. Workplace safety is essential for progressive employers, but even with the best measures in place accidents can happen that require first aid or CPR intervention. Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel (UETTDRRF10B) introduces electricity LV panel maintenance personnel to Real Response emergency procedures taught using enhanced simulation training for successful emergency response outcomes.

Key Information

Duration: 3 hours without CPR or 8 hours with CPR

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  • On site training available
  • Nationally Accredited
  • Simulation training included
  • Certification length: 1 year
  • CPR Training included

Why is low voltage rescue (LVR) important?

It’s important to understand that low voltage doesn’t mean safe to touch. All Australians utilise low voltage electricity, also known as mains electricity, for lighting, heating and powering appliances via 230 V domestic connections. High voltage electricity, on the other hand, is electricity transmitted from power stations to regional locations. In other words, ‘low voltage’ is a relative term describing electricity currents that can be fatal. Real Response courses are overseen by trained paramedics and professional medical staff, ensuring all LV panel maintenance personnel get their career off to a safe start.


What low voltage rescue skills are learnt in the course?

First aid training is targeted for every industry, although there are some essential first aid components that will benefit everyone. Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel covers rescue procedures and first aid response when injuries are sustained by low voltage apparatus in the workplace. Considerations for health, safety and risk management are investigated alongside the first aid response techniques. Skills learnt in the course include:

  • Assessing hazards and isolating electrical supply where possible
  • Understanding safe approach and retrieval of the casualty from a live LV panel
  • Communication with emergency services and onlookers
  • Application of first aid emergency procedures
  • Applying all procedures according to workplace safety guidelines

First aid training at Real Response is designed to empower students with leadership and teamwork abilities along first aid and CPR skills. UETTDRRF10B is a nationally accredited course taking only 3 hours to complete, or 8 hours with the CPR component included, providing real value for money along with a life-saving skill set. As an industry-specific course, Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel focuses on risk control measures related to specific work functions in the vicinity of low voltage panels.


Is CPR training an essential part of the course?

The first aid training industry is constantly evolving. CPR qualifications are now a prerequisite for low voltage rescue accreditation, enabling course graduates to become genuinely reactive as well as proactive in the workplace. Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is an extremely popular Real Response course lasting only half a day, with nationally accredited attainments valid for one year prior to a quick refresher course. Low voltage electricity may not arc as power lines can, but the shock from mains electricity can cause cardiac arrest, with CPR the appropriate response. In the hands of a trained first aider, a victim’s cardiovascular mechanisms can be maintained for a short time until medical responders arrive and take over.

How to tell which first aid course is best?

At Real Response, our resources are dedicated to achieving real results that stand the test of time. Our company was founded in response to poor first aid knowledge retention with traditional classroom based teaching methods. The results are extremely encouraging, thanks to our professional instructors and simulation training that offers an immersive learning experience in real time. All our courses are designed with simulation training in mind, allowing course participants to engage in realistic emergency response emulating familiar work, school or community settings. The simulations are further enhanced by actors, props, sirens, 000 calls, communication and life-saving timelines.

When safety in the workplace is essential for everyone’s sake, it makes good sense to have trained first aid personnel on site. Building and operations managers are onboard the first aid revolution that facilitates safety in the workplace and the capacity to respond to any emergency. With strategically placed first aid trained employees on-site, the gap between sudden emergency and timely response is closed, and lives are saved the Real Response way. All industry-specific first aid qualifications are available at Real Response, including the ability to approach any emergency situation with confidence, knowledge, and a skill set that can be retained for life.

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