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As more Australians learn the life-saving fundamentals of first aid and CPR training, our country is becoming a safer place to live and work. Real Response establishes the importance of emergency response skills for all work, home and social activities, and progressive employers are onboard the Real Response training revolution.

Lumo Energy is one such company encouraging office staff to undertake basic first aid and CPR training to ensure support is on hand for anyone suffering a cardiac arrest or other emergency. Lumo Energy is an Australian company dedicated to cost effective, reliable and safe provision of energy, and protecting employees is a high priority.

The Lumo Energy and Real Response partnership

Since foundation in 1995, Lumo Energy has expanded its reach and is now a highly-regarded energy retailer in Vic, NSW, SA and QLD. With such broad national reach, it’s imperative to implement safe work practices across the board, and Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is the tailored first aid and CPR training approach that ensures the life-saving skill set is deeply learnt. Employees work hard and expect reciprocation over and above financial remuneration from employers, so it’s heartening to experience the transformation a proactive first aid training initiative can have. Everyone appreciates safety, and at Lumo Energy it’s good to know Real Response qualified colleagues are on hand if emergencies occur.


What was the Lumo Energy Provide First Aid (HLTAID009) experience?

Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is a perfect first aid step for newcomers. Course attainments include the most commonly performed first aid and CPR procedures that are known to save lives, particularly in unexpected low-frequency, high-risk emergencies. Lumo Energy operations have grown nationally, with expansion throughout the eastern and southern states of Australia, along with their representation of Red Energy. Keeping tabs on employee networks is easy enough in the information age, but caring for staff on the ground-level is achieved differently.

Real Response has also grown rapidly to become the preferred Australian first aid and CPR training organisation, with industry-first simulation training making a real difference. Lumo Energy take employee health and safety seriously, so reaching out for Real Response assistance was a natural progression for assisting anyone needing help. Real Response attainments aren’t restricted to the classroom, with Real Response CPR qualifications translating to every work, home and community setting where fast emergency response can make the difference between life or death.


Are there specific Provide CPR attainments at Real Response?

HLTAID009 course attainments reach far beyond the classroom. In fact, Real Response instructors prefer to get away from the desk and into genuine emergency training mode. Simulation training as taught by Real Response is part of our quest to impart deeper learning initiatives for students so they remain knowledgeable, confident and capable whenever emergency response is required. First aid knowledge is only as useful as the first aider’s ability to translate practice into perfect; an area where Real Response stands tall.

Lumo Energy employees from South Australia to Queensland and everywhere in between retain consistently high levels of first aid intervention for many emergency situations. Provide CPR (HLTAID009) attainments include responding to an unconscious person, CPR for adults, children and infants, airway management, two-person operated CPR, plus the basic principles of Automatic External Defibrillation (AED). In other words, by dedicating targeted investment and minimal time, the Lumo Energy workforce is dramatically transformed for the safety of employees and their families. It’s good to know when friends are on your side.

How does Real Response teach Provide CPR (HLTAID009)?

A Real Response success story and major part of our popularity is attributed to higher levels of simulation training as used by police, the military, paramedics and medical trainers. As an associated field with shared capabilities between the various emergency response organisations, it seemed natural to employ similar training methods to establish consistency. Real Response sees the big picture, and when assisting major Australian companies such as Lumo Energy, the results are experienced on a national level. Simulation training in Provide CPR takes many forms according to industry specifics and workplace first aid application. Methods used include:

  • Emergency response practice in real-time
  • Simulated work, school or community location
  • Actors, props and emergency communication exercises
  • Development of leadership and teamwork skills
  • Simulated 000 calls, sirens and lights
  • Defibrillator training

The Lumo Energy, Real Response partnership reaches Lumo staff, clients and family in Australia’s busiest cities from South Australia to Queensland. Lumo Energy employees trained by Real Response are a major part of the successful solution for emergency CPR response. Real Response conducted the training at Lumo Energy located in Melbourne’s CBD at:

Lumo Energy

565 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

1300 115 866

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