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All Australians understand the capacity of first aid and CPR to save lives, although many people think the skills are someone else’s responsibility. Not so with Breese Pitt Dixon engineers, surveyors and estate planning consultants who prefer to take a proactive approach. Since foundation in 1982, Breese Pitt Dixon has become established as a major land development consultancy with an enviable reputation.

Employee capabilities extend to satisfying all client needs including the establishment of a safe working environment. The caring Breese Pitt Dixon work ethic is exemplified by targeted first aid and CPR training overseen by Real Response experts.

The Breese Pitt Dixon Provide First Aid partnership

The time and resources dedicated toward comprehensive employee first aid training is repaid with life-saving capabilities. Overseeing 60 staff members in-house and in the field, Reese Pitt Dixon is representative of a new approach to first aid where real-time emergency response is everyone’s responsibility. The concept is overseen by Real Response experts. Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) attainments include comprehensive understanding and ability to perform the most valuable emergency procedures. Real Response’s enhanced simulation training is a unique contribution to first aid training, allowing students to get away from the desk and into simulated emergency response exercises that establish deeper learning and greater ability to call on first aid training skills whenever required.


How did Breese Pitt Dixon employees train with Real Response?

Breese Pitt Dixon has an outlook shared with Real Response, where, skills, resources and capabilities are matched to client’s needs. In the case of Real Response, our courses are matched to mimic any setting where people gather and emergencies are possible. Progressive employers expect a safer workplace, while successful employees are rewarded with concessions or opportunities for advancement. Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) is an opportunity to satisfy both ideals, with life-saving benefits.

Provide First Aid (HLTAID011), formerly known as Level 2 First Aid, is ideal for people who want to be learn a wide range of medical emergency response procedures. Attainments include responding to an unconscious person, providing CPR for adults, children and infants, airway management, anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) treatment and a lot more. Breese Pitt Dixon are consultants for large land development projects where risk of building and machinery accidents is increased. Provide First Aid taught using simulation training at Real Response helps Breese Pitt Dixon staff ensure a safe workplace for colleagues and clients.


What other Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) skills were useful for Breese Pitt Dixon?

The Breese Pitt Dixon motto ‘Excellence in Land Development’ signifies they want to work with the best, and a Real Response partnership is beneficial for everyone. HLTAID011 can be held over one or two days, with nationally accredited qualifications lasting three years. Provide First aid is a comprehensive introduction to first aid treatments as used by medical staff and paramedics, including management of bleeding, bandaging, soft tissue injury treatment, and stabilising broken bones. Not every emergency is life-or-death, but when the need arises, Real Response trained first aiders are ready, willing and able to respond on time for the best possible patient outcomes.

How does Real Response simulation training work?

Simulation training isn’t a Real Response invention, but we have improved first aid training by using enhanced simulated environments. Our simulations team can transform the training space into a replica of typical work, school or community places, and with the addition of emergency props, actors and emergency equipment, our training responses become just like real first aid. Simulation training initiatives include:

  • Real-time emergency response practise
  • Development of leadership skills
  • First aid and CPR teamwork and communication skills
  • Familiar first aid simulations for improved safe work procedures
  • Simulated emergency 000 calls
  • Superior knowledge and skills retention by training in a ‘learning by doing’ environment

Breese Pitt Dixon work in circles where investments are high, so skimping on the essentials of a well delivered project is out of the question. An ethical, high-quality approach similar to that used at Real Response, is another reason the Breese Pitt Dixon, Real Response team works. Breese Pitt Dixon are located in Melbourne at:

Breese Pitt Dixon

1/19 Cato St., Hawthorn East VIC 3123

(03) 8823 2300

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