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Accidents and incidents requiring first aid intervention can happen anywhere and at any time. The likelihood of an accident is heightened when playing contact sports, particularly in today’s competitive environment where high levels of fitness, strength and endurance are essential for making your mark on the game.

While elite-level football players are accompanied by qualified training and medical staff, social footballers and weekend warriors have been left behind, even while the intensity of the game has increased dramatically. The solutions-based approach by St Bernard’s FC management is commendable, particularly the initiative of teaming up with Real Response for tailored Provide CPR (HLTAID009) training.

The St Bernard’s FC Provide CPR partnership

With a successful history at community football level in Essendon since 1961, St Bernard’s FC players leave everything on the field. Club management responsibility, on the other hand, is driven by a winning mentality that also includes creation of a supportive community for players and members. Real Response HLTAID009 simulation training is ideal for active, sportspeople and fans who appreciate ‘learning by doing’ rather than old-school deskbound methods. Real Response was established to provide greater first aid and CPR training for regular Australians, and with sports as an all-pervasive aspect of our society, the first aid training by St Bernard’s FC is a real win-win situation for everyone.


What was the St Bernard’s FC Provide CPR (HLTAID009) experience?

Established in 1961 and commencing in E-grade in 1963, St Bernard’s grew fast as a football force, winning A-grade premierships along the way. Today St Bernard’s initiatives involve community, member and player support that extends to first aid response procedures. CPR is a first aid essential that anyone can learn, making it ideal for a large football club whose membership spans several generations. Safety is appreciated by everyone, whether they are playing football on the field, watching from the stands, or celebrating a victory. The Real Response Provide CPR experience is a great first aid foundation and stepping stone to higher first aid attainments.


What additional Provide CPR skills did St Bernard’s FC learn?

Provide CPR is a course with additional attainments, although CPR is a major focus. Knowledge and skills learnt during Provide CPR (HLTAID009) include responding to an unconscious person, provide artificial respiration, two-person operated CPR, airway management and more for a thorough CPR and first aid introduction. Portable, life-saving emergency devices make CPR and oxygen delivery possible, and paramedics are risking their lives to save others in timely emergency response procedures. This gives an indication of the scope for CPR and first aid to save more lives than ever. An amazing amount is learnt (and retained) in HLTAID009, a course lasting only 3.5hrs.

How does Real Response teach Provide CPR?

Enhanced simulation training is a Real Response feature that stands out from the crowd. By using simulated reality that mimics work, school and community settings, course participants are far more likely to engage in training exercises with a genuine desire to learn. Deskbound learning is replaced as much as possible at Real Response with simulation training for a ‘learning by doing approach’. The results have been fantastic, with simulation training providing deeper immersion in learning, greater knowledge retention, and the confidence to act with skill and certainty should a real emergency arise. Simulation training at Real Response offers a total immersive experience, including:

  • Emergency response practice in familiar, simulated surroundings
  • Real-time practice including communication and teamwork skills
  • Actors and props to create typical CPR and first aid emergency situations
  • 000 calls, sirens, lights and other realistic emergency scene distractions
  • Real first aid equipment and technology for first hand practice
  • First aid and CPR skills that are ready for use as soon as the course is completed

Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is a fast learning curve, but that’s all the more reason to believe the attainments are easy to learn. The Real Response partnership with St Bernard’s F C is ideal for those engaged in high-intensity sport, along with regular people attending the club. Knowing how to assist someone in need is a responsibility we can all share for a safe, happy and successful football club. Real Response held training in Melbourne at:

St. Bernard’s College Football Club

Hampton Rd, Essendon West VIC 3040

0434 437 614

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