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All Australians deserve to work and play in a safe environment. When the future of our nation is in the hands of our children, it makes sense that government agencies and childcare providers are on the same page. Initiatives include the opportunity for childcare and education staff to undertake first aid training for promotion of safety for all our children.

Leaders at Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten (DCC&K), a community run, not-for-profit child care centre understand the equation. To ensure devoted carers are also trained first aiders, DCC&K joins forces with Real Response for tailored training dedicated to the wellbeing of babies, toddlers, children, staff and visitors.

Darebin Child care workers are greatly benefitted by Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting (HLTAID012), a standout Real Response course dedicated to children’s safety. DCC&K focuses on children’s development in a safe, supportive and fun environment, and with trained first aiders on site the task is a whole lot easier. Asthma and anaphylaxis are key risks for children in an education setting, so appropriate first aid training by highly qualified Real Response instructors is essential for a safe, happy and healthy child care learning environment.

The Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten HLTAID012 partnership

It’s understandable for newcomers to the childcare industry to feel anxious. Overseeing young children is a big responsibility that is multiplied in group learning settings, and satisfactory qualifications are required to establish a safe environment. Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting (HLTAID012) at Real Response is the best way to ensure qualifications are backed by knowledge and skills required in the childcare industry.

Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten is a community run, not-for- profit centre. In other words, genuine care by local people is available for catering to children aged from 6 months to 6 years. The safe, nurturing environment is assisted by Storypark, where parents and educators share real-time updates with videos, photos and more. DCC&K carers are devoted to working in education and care settings, so first aid solutions are naturally high priority skills for all employees to learn. HLTAID012 is an industry-standard course for quailed childcare workers, and with the opportunity for Real Response simulation training, the whole Darebin team are involved in establishing a safe and secure work (and play) environment.


What attainments and qualifications do childcare staff gain in HLTAID012?

All Real Response courses teach well-known emergency procedures, although each course has its own unique focus. Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting focuses on extreme and common ailments and injuries that affect children, toddlers and babies. Today’s education and care industries overlap in many areas, and gaining qualifications that are also used in other industries such as nursing and emergency services provides broad career pathways. For example, asthma and anaphylaxis response, key components of HLTAID012 training, is fast and saves more lives when applied by on-site first aiders using portable adrenaline auto-injectors and breathing devices.

Many of the emergency response and treatment procedures learnt in HLTAID012 are also suitable for adult patients. Attainments include CPR provision for children, infants and adults; anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) response and treatment; artificial respiration; airway management and a lot more. In the space of one or two days, it’s possible to become qualified for three years with national accreditation, making HLTAID012 a great investment.


How did Real Response train Darebin Child Care Centre & Kindergarten staff?

Since establishment only a few years ago, the word about Real Response has spread far and wide. It’s no surprise that childcare managers in Melbourne and surrounds are eager to apply the enhanced simulation training methods used at Real Response. The simulations mimic work, school and community settings, and are enhanced by Real Response experts using actors, props, 000 calls, sirens, lights and other ‘learning by doing’ aids. At Real Response, trainees get away from the desk as much as possible, so they can focus on practical skills in a completely immersive simulated reality where practice becomes real first aid experience.

Simulation training is used by governments, emergency services, medical staff, security organisations, and many other groups requiring capable emergency response staff on hand. The need for qualified first aiders is equally high in education and care settings, and now that Real Response simulation training is available for workers in almost every industry, childcare just got a little safer. The training by DCC&K staff adds to their already high level of supervision skills in education and care settings, with children in the spotlight. Darebin Child Care & Kindergarten (DCC&K) is located in the norther suburbs of Melbourne at:

Darebin Child Care and Kindergarten

6/8 Kenilworth St, Reservoir VIC 3073

(03) 9469 2226

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