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Attaining first aid and CPR qualifications is something to be proud of. The ability to step in and assist with confidence during accidents and emergencies is a skill all Australian’s can achieve. Real Response was established in October 2014 to provide enhanced first aid training outcomes that result in genuine emergency response capabilities, and in a rapidly evolving industry, it’s important to make sure qualifications are up to date. First Aid refresher course training in Melbourne, overseen by highly-regarded Real Response instructors, is the sure-fire way to guarantee your attainments are deeply embedded for successful emergency response.

Who should take a CPR refresher course?

Every trained first aider is expected to undertake refresher training at scheduled intervals. The qualifications are nationally accredited, and maintaining consistency among trained first aiders is imperative for employers who appreciate the value of occupational health and safety standards. In addition, first aid and CPR emergency guidelines evolve with the introduction of innovative devices and equipment, so it’s important to remain in the loop. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the most instantly recognisable of all first aid emergency procedures, and knowing how to respond to cardiac arrest is an important first aid foundation.



Where is the CPR refresher course held in Melbourne?

First aid and CPR training has been around for decades, and the people of Melbourne are major beneficiaries. CPR saves lives every day around the CBD and greater metropolitan area, and with such a vast expanse to cover, the more trained first aiders the better. Among all training organisations, Real Response expansion has been the most dramatic, thanks to revolutionary simulation based training that provides genuine emergency response practice during the course.

Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is a stand-alone course and a building block on which to establish a comprehensive skill set for accident and emergency response. Maintaining the ability to deliver HLTAID009 response to accident victims is an essential component of first aid competency, and Real Response training is the best way to ensure capabilities remain deeply embedded for immediate and timely action. CPR refresher courses delivered by Real Response aim to reach everyone in Melbourne, with several course delivery methods available.


First aid refresher courses can be held onsite anywhere in Melbourne at your work, school or community establishment for a tailored first aid approach. Real Response simulations experts can transform any designated area into a mock emergency scenario for CPR training. Simulation based first aid training includes:

  • Professional actors and realistic emergency props
  • Sirens, flashing lights, pyrotechnics and more
  • Genuine first aid and emergency response equipment and devices
  • Timed emergency response for high level attainments

Our course graduates develop capability to respond to low-frequency, high-risk emergencies whenever they occur. Training can also be undertaken at our Melbourne headquarters at 1/3 Wellington Street, St. Kilda. Real Response also offers ‘Public Courses’ at scheduled intervals, held at our Wellington Street headquarters for individuals and groups who want to upgrade skills and refresh qualifications.

What are the learning outcomes of the CPR refresher course?

The CPR Refresher Course re-establishes and strengthens present CPR competencies to ensure qualifications are updated. Most trained first aiders rarely encounter life-threatening emergencies, so refreshing course information and skills is essential. Course outcomes include:

  • Perform CPR, including compressions and ventilations, on an adult, child, and infant
  • Accurately following prompts when using an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Safely manage a casualty including appropriate response to vomiting or regurgitation
  • Communication with other first aiders, onlookers, and emergency services
  • Provide an accurate incident report according to industry guidelines
  • Development of teamwork and leadership skills for timely emergency response

How often does this course need to be undertaken?

Provide First Aid (HLTAID009) qualifications last for one year. The refresher course takes only 2 – 3hrs, resulting in nationally accredited attainments. Simulation training is included, and the course is delivered by Australia’s most committed first aid instructors for deeper learning, greater knowledge retention, and genuine first aid capability for responding to emergencies at work, home or elsewhere.

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