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When you are so passionate about what you do, you do it well. Charlies Cookies is a great example of that. The owners have taken over a struggling company and made it a true Australian success story. And if you have ever eaten one of their cookies, it’s easy to see why. Great success and great products don’t happen by accident, and Charlies Cookies is focussed on innovating and staying up with the latest industry standards, including when it comes to safety. That’s why Real Response’s Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) was a great fit for them.

Why was HLTAID011 such a good fit for Charlies Cookies?

The course is known Australia-wide as the key standard for medical and emergency response, with skills that Charlies Cookies’ much-loved staff need. Charlies Cookies has made large inroads into the industry and supplies to large supermarket chains, big brand hotels, QANTAS flights and foodie venues across Australia. Growth can have its challenges, and Charlies Cookies has embraced it with two hands. The flexibility of Real Response’s delivery of Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) meant Charlies Cookies’ team could upskill their staff to the level they required them to be, with the comfort of knowing the nationally accredited course would certify them for the next three years.



What First Aid skills were Charlies Cooking staff looking for?

One of the reasons Charlies Cookies has been so successful is that their cookies are made with love, and a lot of the production is done by hand. From a First Aid perspective that can present injury risks such as cuts and burns, especially with the amount of cutting and cooking involved. However, with growth comes automation, which also requires a variety of safety measures, and increased machinery injury risk. Being able to deliver Real Response’s Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) to their staff allowed them to learn a range of skills that can help them manage and respond to the type of medical emergency they are likely to experience.


Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) includes being able to manage bleeding and burns, understanding how to use bandages, and respond to soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains, as well as fractures and dislocations. Charlies Cookies’ employees also learnt how to deal with chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries, which can be important in a workplace that can involve heavy lifting and moving.


Importantly, Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) also teaches participants how to deal with cardiac and respiratory emergencies, as well as shock and anaphylaxis. Learning both one and two-person CPR for infants, children and adults is also a skillset the staff were keen to learn, as was airways management, dealing with an unconscious person and understanding the basic principles of an Automatic External Defibrillator. (AED) This allowed Charlies Cookies managers to keep their highly-valued staff safe and meet the expectations of their clients.



How does simulation benefit First Aid training?

Given the bespoke nature of their business and their bakery and production setup, having Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) delivered on site, and with simulated emergencies, was important for Charlies Cookies. Simulation allows for staff to see potential emergencies in a setting that is familiar, and it allows them to test their reactions in their own surrounds. Simulated training that mimics reality results in greater knowledge retention for use during a real emergency.

At Real Response we use props such as fake blood and wounds, smoke and emergency calls to immerse participants in as close to real-life situations as we can. Australia’s military and emergency services use simulation to improve the skills of their members, and Charlies Cookies staff saw how valuable this level of First Aid training can be. To find out more about our Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) course, click here
Charlies Cookies is located in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne’s at:

Charlie’s Cookies

225 E Boundary Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

(03) 9553 4005


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