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Australia-wide interest in first aid training courses is paying dividends. Occupational health and safety laws are enforceable, with both employers and employees sharing the responsibility for safety in the workplace. Real Response training courses are ideal for workers in dangerous occupations where first aid and CPR knowledge and skills facilitate immediate emergency response whenever required.

ICS Industries are a recent Real Response success story and a worthy example of progressive workplace safety strategies. As a leading provider of telecommunications equipment shelters and related infrastructure, ICS Industries staff are ideally suited to undertake Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014) for safety among colleagues, friends and family.

What makes Real Response training useful for ICS?

Our Australian ideal of ‘looking out for your mates’ still exists, and ICS is an example of influential Australia-wide companies making a real difference. Working across the nation in dangerous mining and industrial applications carries inherent risks that are minimised by Real Response simulation training. Our methods encourage realistic first aid and CPR response wherever an emergency arises. Highly trained and qualified ICS staff face safety risks within factory settings and also during installation works, making the HLTAID014 course attainments essential workplace skills used in effective emergency response. Emergencies can happen anywhere, but when working in an industry where risks are increased, Real Response training is a smart move.



The ICS Industries Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014) experience

Provide Advanced First Aid training, formerly called Level 3 First Aid, offers comprehensive first aid and CPR understanding and competencies. The course encompasses all subject matter contained in Provide First Aid [Level 2] (HLTAID011), plus important additional attainments for a fully developed approach to emergency first aid response and recovery. Not every first aid scenario is a life or death emergency, but when low-frequency, high-risk events do occur, it’s reassuring to know on-site ICS first aiders are ready and able to apply their knowledge and skills.


Lasting 2-3 days and providing enhanced skills that are retained for life, Provide Advanced First Aid is a nationally accredited training course with certification lasting for 3 years prior to completion of a short refresher course. ICS course participants appreciate the tailored Real Response approach, using familiar simulated emergency environments to elicit natural responses. This approach, called Simulation Training, is a major reason for the popularity of Real Response courses, with ‘learning by doing’ the perfect way to develop real-time emergency response knowledge and skill.



What first aid skills were attained by ICS employees?

In an industry with many employees working near live electrical assets, a range of skills are important to develop. Real Response instructors are all highly-qualified emergency services and medical personnel with wide ranging emergency response experience related to ICS training requirements. Foundational first aid qualifications attained include responding to an unconscious person, provision of CPR to adults, infants and children, airway management, anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) treatment, plus appropriate on-site management of injuries and bleeding. Advanced unit attainments are equally valuable, including spinal immobilisation, triage (multiple casualties), drug overdoses and even emergency child birth. Australian first aiders are generally reluctant to have the spotlight shone on them, but when disaster is imminent or lives are at risk, becoming someone’s hero is the natural first aid thing to do.

How do ICS Industries employees undertake first aid training?

Real Response was established to broaden the reach of first aid skills across every public and private sector of society. The aim is to provide genuine first aid training where skills and knowledge remain long after first aid training is complete. Simulation training, as used by the military, emergency services and medical staff, is the answer, creating deeper first aid learning outcomes that translate accurately to real-life situations. Simulation training is the enjoyable, team-bonding way to learn first aid and CPR procedures, where leadership initiatives shine and teamwork rules. The subject matter is serious, but Real Response makes simulation training an enlightening and enlivening experience in lots of ways, including:

  • Industry-specific simulations for awareness and response strategies in the workplace
  • Role-play acting by trainers and course participants for personalised realism
  • Simulated fire, 000 calls and more to encourage timed response procedures
  • Real first aid equipment usage including defibrillators and adrenaline auto-injectors
  • Guided emergency response strategies taught by the best in the industry

As a national provider and installer of specialised electrical infrastructure products, a united approach to first aid training is essential; an ideal Real Response shares. Real Response is pleased to have ICS Industries on board for creation of a safer workplace for everyone involved. ICS Industries, located in Melbourne’s at:

ICS Industries Pty Ltd

309 Settlement Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074

1800 010 027


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