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As an Australian manufacturer of crop-protection products, Nufarm understands the importance of safety. An extensive network of Regional Service Centres in key agricultural areas means storage and delivery of chemical products is important to the success of their business. Doing all that safely, therefore, is vital. Having staff with a high level of First Aid training across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to sales, storage and delivery, is very important to the company.

Why was HLTAID011 a great fit for Nufarm?

Their production plant is next to their corporate headquarters at Laverton North in Victoria. Staff work with chemicals every day, which presents high risks of burns, cuts, and chemical exposure. Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) is known Australia-wide as the industry standard for learning medical emergency response skills. It is suited to Nufarm employees and covers the skills that are required to respond to and manage a range of emergencies they may face in their factory. They are skills that are also important for employees in their regional centres, and on the road, given their regular contact with farmers and those working on large, isolated properties. The flexibility of the Real Response delivery of Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) means that even though Nufarm has a large number of staff, production was not disrupted and orders continued to be filled when training took place.



What First Aid skills were important for Nufarm employees to gain?

Potential exposure to chemicals, burns, and cuts meant Nufarm was keen to ensure its employees had the skills needed to respond to the type of medical emergencies they may encounter, which is where Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) suited them perfectly. One of the important skillsets for Nufarm employees was CPR, both one and two-person CPR. The course also included understanding the basic principles of Automatic External Defibrillation (AED), as well as providing artificial respiration. Nufarm employees also learned how to respond to an unconscious person, how to manage airways and deal with a range of respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Responding to burns and cuts was also an important part of Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) for Nufarm, with bleeding management, bandages and the treatment of eye, ear and nose injuries also given prominence. Not every injury is obvious, and that’s where the ability to treat soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains was also important.



How did First Aid simulation add an extra level of skills?

For Nufarm, given their dynamic factory, First Aid training that allowed them to simulate emergencies onsite was a key reason they chose Real Response. We delivered Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) in situations that mimicked reality. We used props such as fake blood, fake wounds, smoke and emergency calls, with communication being an important part of any First Aid training. Simulation training allows employees to feel confident in their ability to be decisive, and make decisions that can save lives. First Aid simulations can be tailored to specific needs of any environment or organisation, as they were at Nufarm, which allowed employees to be immersed in realistic situations. This helped with teamwork, which can make a big difference in an emergency.

Simulation training is used by Australia’s military and emergency services, and can help in retaining information, and actioning it under pressure, when it counts. It is also an important way to build teamwork, and help leaders come to the fore. This was important for Nufarm, which aims to be an innovative and entrepreneurial organisation and encourages individuals and teams to do what is best for their customers, their organisation and their stakeholders. To find out more about our Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) course, click here. Nufarm’s is located in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs at:

Nufarm Limited

103 Pipe Rd, Laverton North VIC 3026

0432 382 361


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