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The results have been outstanding, and the reward is in knowing that our trained first aiders are confident and capable of an effective emergency response at any time. Simulation based training employed at Real Response has been used for decades by the military, police and medical emergency services. The same enhanced learning structure is delivered by Real Response and has quickly established us a very popular first aid training provider.

What makes Real Response the best training provider?

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we are a top first aid training team using cutting-edge training systems. Real Response has become an industry leader by delivering first aid skills and knowledge that is fully retained and ready for effective use. In fact, our simulation training methods are so popular we are constantly expanding our courses and delivery methods to accommodate demand.

As a first aid training provider, Real Response has quickly become well known. Prestigious industry, business and government organisations train with Real Response, while individuals and small groups appreciate our ‘public courses’ held at convenient locations around Melbourne and Sydney. Simulation training is our method, and when delivered by Real Response instructors, first aid knowledge and skills are deeply immersed and ready to be recalled whenever required.


What are the qualifications of the first aid training providers?

Real Response training methods are only truly useful when the training provider and trainers are of an equally high calibre. That’s why our instructors are highly qualified and experienced paramedics, firefighters, medical emergency personnel, military medics and other specialists. Their dual role as capable training providers and active emergency services personnel allows them to lead from the front while also guiding every course participant to reach maximum life saving potential.


Do first aid training providers have real-life experience?

At Real Response, all our trainers and instructors have vast real-life first aid and emergency response experience. We demonstrate methods that are proven to work by our own team who are used to saving lives. The Real Response team is a united group of talented and capable individuals who are happy to share the best first aid knowledge with you.

Our Real Response training providers have all gained extensive experience, knowledge and skills during their respective careers. We provide you with the opportunity to learn from people who truly understand the value of first aid, and who genuinely care about making Australia a healthy and safe place for everyone.

What technology and simulations do first aid providers use?

Saving lives requires the human touch, but technology and simulations provide remarkable assistance. Applying first aid theory is difficult when students are removed from the experience in typical deskbound classroom settings, so Real Response brings the action much closer. Enhanced simulation based first aid learning methods deliver transformative results by immersing students in realistic emergency response practice. Simulation training includes:

  • Actors and realistic props to assist with a deeper learning experience
  • Sirens, lights, pyrotechnics, 000 calls and more
  • Fake wounds, fake blood and realistic looking CPR dummies
  • Genuine emergency equipment including defibrillators and adrenaline auto injectors
  • Timed emergency response for attaining high-standard qualifications
  • Industry-specific training with simulations created at your workplace or other location
  • The best instructors to guarantee all students develop to their maximum potential

Real Response is honoured to be at the forefront of improvements to first aid training in Australia. The potential for trained first aiders to maintain a patient’s life until emergency services arrive is greater than ever, and although most of us rarely experience life-threatening emergencies, the thanks from those that are saved makes all the first aid training worth it. First aid has evolved alongside technology to become a powerful countermeasure when accidents and emergencies occur, and with Real Response training you can also become another important link in the life saving chain.

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