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In a few short years since establishment in late 2014, Real Response has grown to become a leading Australian first aid training company. Real Response was founded in response to inadequate first aid and CPR knowledge and skills retention, particularly in low-frequency, high-priority emergencies where time is crucial and immediate emergency response is essential for survival. Our Real Response registered training is taught using enhanced simulation training, or ‘learning by doing’, empowering course participants with ability to respond to emergencies in real time. The nationally accredited course attainments provide a genuine skill set that can be carried throughout life with confidence.

Why is first aid registered training necessary?

When accidents and emergencies occur it’s not unusual to witness most people standing aside without any idea how to respond. As an example, a person suffering cardiac arrest and requiring CPR has a far greater chance of survival if a trained first aider is on site. It’s true that something is better than nothing, and an attempt at performing chest compressions by an untrained person can sometimes be effective. However, when performed correctly with knowledge and skill, CPR offers far greater chances of survival.

In addition, many industries and employers now require employees to attain registered training qualifications appropriate to their work or industry. The move toward health and safety for all Australians is an admirable start, and when qualifications are gained using Real Response simulation training the potential for appropriate emergency response is greatly increased. Real Response courses take only between half a day and three days to complete, transforming lives for the better and providing the best value-for-money first aid and CPR training available.


What makes a Real Response course better?

Real Response registered training courses have been developed utilising highly-regarded simulation training. The method is used in training police, paramedics, the military and medical emergency staff to provide effective real-time response to accidents and emergencies. Trained first aider emergency response capability has been enhanced by an array of portable, life-saving devices and equipment that was previously unavailable, making first aid qualifications more valuable than ever. Simulation training includes:

  • Purpose-designed simulations replicating work, school or community environments
  • Actors and props for creating enhanced realism and facilitating teamwork
  • Real emergency equipment including defibrillators and adrenaline auto-injectors
  • Simulated sirens, emergency lights and 000 calls
  • Fake wounds, simulated fire, explosions and other dramatic additions
  • Communication and leadership skills for best possible emergency response outcomes
  • Guidance by highly qualified paramedics and emergency services personnel

Are there essential first aid needs suitable for all students?

The expansion of Real Response courses has been dramatic in only a few short years. Course attainments are now essential training components in occupations where danger is ever-present, such as the electricity supply industry, transport, sports and childcare services. Our courses are tailored to meet the first aid needs of all industries, while some attainments are incredibly valuable regardless of occupation, such as Provide CPR (HLTAID009) and Provide First Aid (HLTAID011). These foundational courses are a great place to start for anyone wanting to develop their first aid knowledge, with the opportunity to build on the qualifications for an impressive and versatile emergency response skill set. Real Response instructors encourage students to get up from the desk and into realistic time-sensitive emergency response scenarios, resulting in experience and capability the moment training is complete.

Do I need a First aid kit?

Everyone should have access to a first aid kit and equipment regardless of occupation or location. As with many things in life, we don’t value them until we need them, and in the case of first aid, negligence or oversight can result in tragedy rather than triumph. A well-stocked first aid kit with the addition of life-saving devices and equipment engenders confidence and capability, while also providing a purposeful addition to any work, school, home or community environment.

Real Response provides portable defibrillators, carry bags, emergency signage and other valuable first aid equipment, along with downloadable resources including:

  • Basic life support poster
  • Asthma first aid poster
  • First aid casualty form
  • Management of foreign body airway obstruction flowchart
  • 7 ways why simulation first aid training saves more lives publication

As first aid training professionals, we aim to empower course participants with the same abilities we ourselves possess, assisting students to reach their full first aid and emergency response potential, and making Australia a safer place for everyone to live.

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