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The spread of Real Response learning has been rapid since foundation in 2014. Established in Melbourne to encourage deeper first aid understanding and ability, Real Response is now also a familiar Sydney icon. Naturally, inner-city dining and entertaining establishments require positive employees with a proactive approach, particularly when the health and wellbeing of staff and patrons is involved. Real Response provides real life skills worth knowing in Provide First Aid (HLTAID011), and progressive employers such as The Grounds of Alexandria are securing their safe future the smart way.

The Grounds of Alexandria and Real Response partnership

As a specialty outlet offering the full taste and entertainment palette, The Grounds of Alexandria is responsible for overseeing people from all walks of life. Tasty allurements attract patrons to the café, patisserie, potting shed and roastery, so ensuring health and safety standards are upheld is an ongoing managerial responsibility. As individuals, we all benefit from training, and when first aid and CPR qualifications are required, training by Real Response expert instructors is the effective way to learn and improve emergency response skills. Simply put, The Grounds of Alexandria is now safely overseen by trained first aiders, with immediate assistance on-site to deal with low-frequency, high-risk emergencies whenever they arise.



What was the Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) experience?

For people requiring a wide range of emergency response skills, Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) as taught by Real Response offers the full package. Emergencies can take many forms, so adaptability is important, particularly for employees in hospitality environments where youngsters and the elderly are vulnerable. At Real Response, enhanced simulation training includes teamwork and leadership skills that enhance the life-saving capabilities of colleagues and workmates, while also broadening career prospects.


Modern employees expect value-added reciprocation from employers for their efforts. First aid and CPR training is a win-win from all angles, providing employees with greater responsibility, achieving safer workplaces for employers, and assisting patrons when things go wrong. Provide First Aid (HLTAID011), previously known as Level 2 First Aid and Senior First Aid, is a first aid training foundation with diverse applications across various employment sectors, allowing The Grounds of Alexandria staff to experience individual growth and capability for first aid response, while also learning the life-saving value of teamwork and communication.



What Provide First Aid skills did The Grounds of Alexandria learn?

Provide First Aid is an extensive course. The skills and knowledge are unmatched when learnt with Real Response, and with the increased utility of portable emergency devices the role of trained first aiders has expanded. Today’s qualified first aiders are equipped with the same remarkable equipment as paramedics and other emergency services personnel, making the Grounds of Alexandria team a formidable first aid response outfit. The course includes responding to an unconscious person, airway management, artificial respiration, provision of CPR to adults, children and infants and a lot more.

National accreditation means the qualifications are transferable between employers and occupations. HLTAID011 qualifications are expected in fields as diverse as transport, tourism, building, childcare and many service industries where risks are prevalent. The Grounds of Alexandria staff are among an increasing number of trained first aiders who are on hand to assist with all injuries including management of bleeding, shock and anaphylaxis treatments, soft tissue injuries, cardiac emergencies and even environmental injuries. With Real Response training, The Grounds of Alexandria staff are the eyes and ears of the operation, ensuring every employee and visitor has a safe and enjoyable time. To put the first aid training in perspective, huge food production at The Grounds of Alexandria includes using an 800kg bread oven imported from Germany, and with the café in 7 day a week operation, safe equipment use is of premium importance.

How did The Grounds of Alexandria staff train with Real Response?

Successful running of The Grounds of Alexandria is a big daily undertaking requiring dedicated management and qualified staff. There is no room for error when overseeing visitor safety, and management realised the importance of first aid training for as many of the hospitality staff and chefs as possible. Hospitality industry risks include food allergies and kid’s injuries, so a well-rounded emergency response approach is required and simulation training is the best method of imparting lasting knowledge.

Real Response enhanced simulation training includes the use of actors, props and realistic workplace simulations for realistic emergency response practice in a fun environment. Using teamwork and communication skills along with development of leadership capabilities enables course participants to flourish under expert guidance. By focusing on the individual as well as the team, Real Response instructors deliver the best results for every student, ensuring The Grounds of Alexandria first aid and CPR response is second to none. The Grounds of Alexandria is located in Sydney at –

The Grounds of Alexandria

7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015

(02) 9699 2225


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