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The Fink Group owns and operates a range of quality hotels, restaurants theatres and bars in Sydney and across New South Wales, including the Quay Restaurant at The Rocks. Kitchens can face their own inherent risks when it comes to safety, and when you work in a popular restaurant, those risks can increase. On top of that, the Fink Group’s venues are in very public places, making the need for First Aid training even more important. Real Response’s Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training is the industry standard in Australia for learning medical emergency response skills.

How did HLTAID011 fit with the Fink Group’s business?

Graduates are prepared to deal with a broad range of real-world medical emergencies, and the training itself is flexible enough to be incorporated into the business to allow it to function as normal while it is taking place. Accreditation lasts three years, and the training can be adapted for industry-specific purposes, as it was at the award-winning Quay Restaurant. Staff from all across the Fink Group’s venues, including head chefs and corporate staff, attended the Real Response training, highlighting the importance the family-run company places on the safety and well being of its staff and its patrons.



What skills can help the staff with emergencies?

Having a large amount of staff in the hospitality industry presents many safety challenges for the Fink Group, and the skills obtained with Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training helped employees prepare for most of them. With kitchens can come accidents, big and small. The training helped prepare the staff to deal with and manage bleeding injures and burns, as well as eye, ear and nose injuries and blocked airways. This kind of training was important for all the company’s staff, no matter what part of the business they work in. In dealing with the general public every day, staff at the Fink Group’s restaurants also had to be prepared to face a range of health-related medical emergencies.


Given the prevalence of allergies, being skilled in dealing with anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions is something most restaurant staff saw as a priority. And with a customer base that stretches over a large age range, our Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) equipped them to deal with a range of other health emergencies as well. As the end of the training they were confident in their ability to respond to an unconscious person, provide CPR to an adult, a child and an infant, and work either by themselves or with a co-worker to provide artificial respiration. Understanding the basic principles of their venues’ Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) devices was important to them, as was understanding how to respond to strokes, diabetes and seizures, and deal with the communication challenges emergencies can present.



How does simulation increase skill retention?

Understanding the theory and gaining basic practical knowledge is one thing, but putting it into action in a busy restaurant or kitchen is something else altogether. That’s why Real Response places an important on the use of simulations in their Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training. Mimicking reality by using actors and props such as fake blood, fake wounds, smoke and emergency calls adds an extra element to training that can save lives. Australia’s military and emergency services use simulation exercises in their training, as it results in greater knowledge retention and graduates are more confident in their ability to take decisive action. And in an environment such as a restaurant or kitchen, teamwork is important, and knowing how to act together can make a big difference.Click hereto find out more about our Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training. Our training for the Fink Group was held in the CBD of Sydney at –

The Fink Group

Quay Restaurant, Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000

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