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Real Response are proud to have large multi-national companies onboard. Creating a safer Australia is everyone’s responsibility, and Real Response course facilitators and instructors are eager to impart knowledge using the best training methods available.

Our courses are differentiated by enhanced simulation training that encourages realistic learning in a safe environment, a scenario that Virbac veterinarian pharmaceutical group managers and employees appreciate. Virbac is a French company with tremendous reach, being present in over 100 countries worldwide including Australian research and development centres.

The Real Response and Virbac partnership

As the eighth largest veterinarian pharmaceutical group in the world, Virbac needs to adjust with each phase of expansion. Partnering with Real Response enables Virbac to retain high French industry standards while also adhering to all Australian expectations for occupational health and safety. As a veterinarian pharmaceutical company, Virbac understands the necessity of providing the right product solution, so partnering with Real Response training was a progressive move for everyone’s benefit. As a large employer, Virbac wanted first aid solutions that benefit all staff and visitors, along with providing qualifications that translate into life-skills that are retained.



What was the Virbac Provide CPR HLTAID009 experience?

There are natural parallels between veterinary pharmaceuticals and first aid treatments. In some cases, vets use similar procedures when responding to breaks, injuries, ailments and even cardiac arrest. Staff at Virbac appreciate the addition of human-friendly first aid and CPR attainments offered in Provide CPR (HLTAID009). The course qualifications are learnt in less than half a day, resulting in skills that last a lifetime and potentially save lives. Real Response are the solutions experts for every occupational setting.


As an industry leader, Virbac is dedicated to providing helpful treatments for the betterment of animals. The company specialises in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, plus petcare products for domestic animals and horses. Veterinary study and employment is founded on a desire to care that translates well into Provide CPR (HLTAID009) training for Virbac staff. Provide CPR covers a lot more than only CPR however, facilitating an ideal introduction to comprehensive first aid procedures widely used today. Real Response attainments are carried through life, ensuring Virbac workplaces are safe and employees are ready to assist colleagues, visitors, friends and family if low-frequency, high-risk emergencies occur.



What did Provide CPR teach Virbac employees?

When learning foundational first aid and CPR skills, Provide CPR (HLTAID009) is hard to beat. The most well-known and frequently used first aid skills are learnt, along with the ability to respond to an emergency while acting with caution and decisiveness. Real Response instructors empower course participants with the confidence to apply first aid procedures when no one else can. It’s true that first aid and CPR attainments carry heavy responsibility, but that’s a load that responsible Virbac employees are willing and able to share.

Provide CPR course attainments include responding to an unconscious person, airway management, artificial respiration methods, plus CPR for adults, children and infants. The capabilities are astounding considering the course is completed in less than half a day. All the attainments are simple to learn, although retaining the knowledge for acting with confidence in high-risk, low-frequency emergencies is the real goal. Fortunately, Real Response was established to promote greater first aid awareness and training, making the partnership with Virbac a successful life-saving two-way street.

How did Real Response train Virbac staff?

First aid training and qualifications are now pre-requisites in many occupations. In addition, governments expect adherence to occupational health and safety guidelines that are enforceable by law. Improvements to first aid training were required to match industry expectations, so Real Response was founded along with our enhanced simulation training methods. The techniques are similar to those used by emergency services, police and military to ensure training is replicated accurately in real-world situations. In a first aid context, Real Response training increases the likelihood of more lives saved around Australia every day.

Enhanced simulation training includes actors, props, simulated workplace environments, emergency equipment, communication, timelines, teamwork and more. First aid simulation training provides incredible life-saving potential while learning in an enjoyable and enlightening atmosphere amongst colleagues and friends. At Real Response, we also establish life-long friendships with partners who value health and safety as much as we do, and our teamwork with Virbac is yet another indication that Real Response training is helping establish better levels of CPR and first aid knowledge and skills for the benefit of all Australians. Virbac is located in

Sydney at –

Virbac Australia Pty Ltd

2152 Castlereagh Rd, Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 4725 4444


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