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Mental health first aid is assistance provided to address a developing mental health problem, a worsening condition, or a full-blown mental health crisis. Appropriate mental health first aid may be required until professional medical assistance arrives or the crisis resolves. A mental health first aid course and action plan delivered by Real Response will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to assist anyone suffering from a temporary or ongoing mental illness.

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What is mental health first aid training?

Mental health first aid (MHFA) training is a 12-hour (2-day) course designed to help you identify the symptoms of mental ill-health and the means of support for people affected by mental health issues. Training will raise awareness of many mental health conditions and assist in reducing their stigma at home, school or in the workplace. The Mental Health First Aid course is nationally recognised, with the qualification lasting for 3 years prior to a refresher course.

You can also study Youth Mental Health First Aid, a 15-hour course designed to assist parents, school staff, coaches, youth workers and other community leaders in caring for adolescents.

Why mental health is important?

Almost half of all Australians will suffer a form of mental health episode during their lifetime. Most of us are in regular contact with a person or persons suffering from a mental illness, although the symptoms may not be recognised. The Australian tendency of ‘going it alone’ during tough times shouldn’t be an option as mental illness can worsen quickly, leaving sufferers vulnerable and prone to other physical or psychological problems. Re-establishing good mental health is a win-win for everyone concerned, and Real Response can show you how to turn the corner toward a satisfying and fulfilling future.

How do I become a mental health first aid instructor?

The first step is to train under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced mental health first aid teachers. There is no substitute for quality training when lives are at stake, and understanding the importance of a mental health first aid action plan is a top priority. Real Response first aid courses in Melbourne and Sydney are transforming the way mental health problems are understood, approached and alleviated.

What does ALGEE stand for in mental health?

Your mental health first aid action plan, known as ALGEE, should include strategies for fast, appropriate and effective assistance. At Real Response, we utilise revolutionary training methods that engender deeper immersion, superior knowledge retention and the ability to act with capability and confidence whenever an emergency arises. You will learn essential components of an action plan that saves lives.

Approach, assess and assist with any mental health crisis

Listen and communicate non-judgmentally and with empathy

Give support and information related to wide-ranging mental illnesses

Encourage appropriate professional assistance whenever required

Encourage other support strategies for assisting with mental health issues

Why should I take a mental health first aid course?

Mental illness affects a lot of people and qualified first aiders are required to address the issue. The assistance you provide can transform a person’s life for the better, and your greatest reward will be their return to good health. Mental health first aid (MHFA) training delivers outcomes that include:

  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • Understanding risk factors associated with mental illness
  • Awareness of appropriate treatment pathways
  • Skills required for addressing a newly manifesting mental illness
  • Skills and actions required for addressing a mental health crisis situation

Within a few short days of training with Real Response, you will gain greater knowledge and skills for assisting people suffering serious situations including mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma-related disorders and more. At Real Response, every student is assisted to reach their maximum first aider potential, providing the opportunity for everyone to live safe and fulfilling lives.

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