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It is estimated that one in five Australians aged between 16 to 85 are suffering from a mental illness. Standard Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) training courses at Real Response are delivered by accredited MHFA instructors, resulting in nationally accredited mental health qualifications and the skills to support people with appropriate assistance during a mental health crisis.

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What is mental health first aid?

The high incidence of mental health issues means most of us are in contact with a person or persons experiencing mental illness. Real Response aims to equip all Australians with fundamental first aid and mental health first aid training, including the ability to assist friends, family and colleagues who are suffering anxiety disorders, affective mood disorders, substance use disorders and other illnesses.

Mental illness is debilitating, with impacts on a person’s emotions, behaviour, thinking, motivation and personal interactions. Left undiagnosed, a mental illness can lead to isolation, poor health, unemployment and other social issues that are detrimental to quality of life. Standard Mental Health First Aid training is the answer, and Real Response is proud to be part of the solution.

What is included in a Standard mental health first aid course?

Standard Mental Health First Aid is an evidence based course following international MHFA guidelines. Course content has been developed in consultation with mental health professionals, researchers and other industry experts. Comprehensive training at Real Response takes 12-hours, spread over two days, and the qualification lasts for 3 years.

Course participants learn to spot the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, psychosis and substance use disorders. Techniques for supporting a person developing a mental illness are learnt, along with appropriate intervention methods for a person experiencing a life-threatening mental health crisis. The SMHFA action plan will show you when, where how and what to do for administering effective mental health first aid.

When mental health first aid is required.

Where to get professional assistance.

How to provide first aid when dealing with a crisis situation.

What type of assistance is proven to be effective.

What will I learn in a Standard mental health first aid course?

As with other first aid training courses, MHFA techniques are incredibly easy to learn over a short space of time. In only 2 X 7.5 hour days of active and enlivening training you will learn how to respond to developing mental health issues and full-blown crisis situations in wide-ranging scenarios.

Developing mental health problems:

  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use

Mental health crisis situations:

  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Aggressive behaviours
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Severe effects of alcohol or drugs
  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury or self-harm

Where can I get Standard mental health first aid training in Melbourne?

Real Response is committed to making real change for everyone’s benefit. We offer mental health first aider training at our Melbourne headquarters located at 117 Wellington Street, St Kilda, and also public mental health courses at convenient-to-reach Melbourne suburban locations. Contact Real Response regarding upcoming training courses near you.

How much does Standard mental health first aid training cost?

This specialised course is incredibly cost-effective, considering its scope and the number of people who will benefit. Course costs range from $199 – $249, a small price to pay for creating a safe, healthy and happy environment for family and friends to prosper.

Why do I need mental health first aid training?

The knowledge and skills learnt from Australia’s leading trainers are carried with you for life. Mental health issues can occur anywhere and at any time, and the reward of helping someone turn the corner toward a healthy and happy future is priceless. In the Real Response mental health first aid program you will develop greater knowledge of mental illness, plus appropriate treatments and first aid strategies that will empower you to act decisively and with confidence when no one else can.

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