The Lithium battery for the Schiller FRED PA-1  Defibrillator is a medical-grade, optimum performance power source for those that need the peace of mind that their Schiller FRED PA-1 Defibrillator will always be ready to operate. Every Intellisense Lithium battery undergoes extensive testing at manufacturing level and then continues to self-test every day after being installed. It does not require ‘exercising’ (to be run until empty) to maintain effectiveness and has exceptionally low discharge levels due to its lithium makeup so that power levels are guaranteed. With a 4-year performance guarantee (supported by a 4-year replacement guarantee), you can be assured of your Powerheart G5 battery and Defibrillator’s performance.

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Product Features:

This non-rechargeable battery is designed for the Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator and will ensure that your device can provide the all-important lifesaving shock in a cardiac arrest emergency.

  • Schiller FRED PA-1 Battery non-rechargeable Lithium Battery LiMnO2 2.8Ah 15v
  • FRED PA-1 Battery life 6 years
  • FRED PA-1 Online Battery life 3 years

Additional Information:

It has been found that the installation of defibrillators in public places can double the chances of people surviving sudden cardiac arrest, the silent killer that ends the lives of more Australian per year than any other cause of death. The purpose of an Defibrillator is to shock the heart back into normal rhythm, which will have been interrupted by the heart going into spasm (sudden cardiac arrest). Often confused with heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest does not require previous heart damage or disease to occur,, and does not discriminate in the age of its victims, meaning an Defibrillator is a relevant piece of an equipment in almost any home or office space.

Symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest include:

– Collapse
– Loss of consciousness
– Loss of normal breathing function
– No sign of life

After losing consciousness due to the lack of blood being pumped around the body to vital organs, there is 4-6 minutes before brain death and further terminal effects occur. This is why defibrillation has emerged as the single most important intervention in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. Ambulance wait times being between 10-12 minutes, bystanders are going to be the key to victim survival. 95% of victims do not survive the trip to hospital after sudden cardiac arrest, immediate intervention is essential!

We want you to be sure that your Schiller FRED PA-1  Defibrillator will operate in the face of emergency so that anyone can be confident that they can respond to a sudden cardiac arrest. The 4 year operational life-span of the Lithium Schiller FRED PA-1  Battery gives this assurance. It’s lithium technology means you can be sure of performance. Lithium batteries are a superior source of power due to their high charge density (performance span) and their ability to maintain power over time. There is no maintenance on the Intellisense Lithium Powerheart G5 Battery, no maintenance discharge is required.

High risk equipment needs to be reliable and exhibit consistent performance. The Lithium Schiller FRED PA-1  Battery can deliver up to 500 shocks before needing to be replaced. They are built to ensure quality and to maintain an operational defibrillator so that in the unfortunate event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, you or anyone using the Schiller FRED PA-1 Defibrillator will receive constant power at the time when you most need it.

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