The Defibtech Battery for the Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator is a medical grade power source that has a 7-year standby life and will deliver reliable power when you need it. When installed in the defibrillator the Defibtech Lifeline Battery has enough power to support 16 hours of continual shocks, or 300 shocks, and is designed for high-end applications. It also includes a separate 9-volt battery, used for powering the defibrillators regular self-tests. These daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly self-tests ensure that the battery is operational and gives you the peace of mind that you will never be caught without power. This lithium battery has high energy density, low self-discharge, does not require priming and has no maintenance requirements.

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Product features:

– Designed for use with the Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator and Auto Defibrillators
– Non-rechargeable
– 7-year battery standby life
– Able to function for 16 hours continuously or perform up to 300 shocks
– Pack features a separate 9-volt battery to power the device’s self-test feature

Sudden cardiac death is categorised as part of heart disease (although no obvious evidence of heart disease needs to be present in a victim before an attack) and causes between 15, 000 and 20,000 unexpected deaths each year in Australia. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur in people of all ages and is often caused by coronary disease but can also be related to disease of the heart valves, disease of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) and disorders of the heart rhythm. All of these underlying diseases will cause the same effect, abnormal heart rhythm. The heart may stop completely, or beat irregularly so that it cannot effectively pump the blood around the body, starving the vital organs of oxygen. Unfortunately around a third of sudden cardiac arrests occur without any warning sign.

When a victim fall unconscious due to sudden cardiac arrest there is a window of 4-6 minutes before they receive irreversible brain damage, with death following shortly after. 95% of victims will die before reaching hospital, leaving australia with a 2%-5% sudden cardiac arrest survival rate. The Chain of Survival has been recognised as the essential elements required to save someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, the most effective of these being defibrillation, the purpose of which is to re-establish normal heart rhythm and reinstate blood flow. Therefore, your Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator is a powerful life saving tool. The fact that these machines are easy to use for the inexperienced emergency responder is essential to their success, as is their reliability. Like a pace-maker, the buyer needs to be sure that the power source will continue to provide shocks when needed.

Lithium batteries are particularly reliable due to their chemical makeup. They are energy dense, meaning that they can hold more power than other batteries for their size. This contributes to Defibtech Battery’s 7-year life guarantee. Unlike nickel-based batteries they do not lose large amounts of charge over time whilst they are not being used, and they also not not require priming before installation or usage. So your defibrillator can be left alone until it is needed, no maintenance is required and you will have a defibrillator ready for action if ever you need it.

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