• 1 x KDK™ regulator with variable oxygen flow rates of 0,3,8 & 15 L/min click settings
  • OXI-vac™ Venturi Suction System with spare bottle and cap
  • Cordura bag
  • Bag Valve Mask (Adult)
  • Silicon mask size 3 and 5
  • CPR™ Pro pocket mask
  • Oxygen therapy mask adult and child
  • O2 key wheel and chain
  • Spare bodok seal
  • 8L/M hand wheel + 2m therapy tubing
  • Suction tubingĀ  separate 1.5m
  • DuCanto suction catheter

Does not include oxygen cylinderĀ 

  • All-in-one oxygen device: therapy, resuscitation and suction
  • Simultaneous Oxygen administration available for 3 patients
  • Features an oxygen flush button to provide an: instantaneous rush of oxygen which operates at all flow rates including zero.
  • Essential equipment that may help to save a life
  • Complies to Australian Standard AS2488-1995