The Schiller FRED PA-1 Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Defibrillator is the everyday man’s tool to become a lifesaving hero. With ambulance response times between 10-12 minutes, rapid response from bystanders is essential to achieving a positive outcome in the face of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Key Features of the Schiller Fred-PA 1

  • 10-year warranty
  • 3-year pad life
  • 6-year battery life
  • Dust and water-resistant (IP55)
  • Compression assistant (Metronome + Optional FreeCPR chest compression frequency feedback).


FRED PA-1 Finance Program

The Cardiac Defibrillators Finance Program provides customers with our latest AED model (FRED PA-1) at an affordable monthly cost of $55 (plus GST) over a 4-year period, interest free.

This budget-friendly option means there is no better time to get an AED for your facility, add more AED units or upgrade your old unit.

Under the Cardiac Defibrillators Finance Program, pay only $55 (plus GST) per month and receive a new AED every 4 years with no capital outlay.

Click here to submit an application.

Benefits of the FRED PA-1 Online Version

  1. REMOTE FLEET MANAGEMENT – While you still need to walk past certain devices to check their status, the FRED PA-1 Online and LifeDataNet G2 remote fleet management system will let you manage it all from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  2. ALWAYS CONNECTED – Connected by a cellular network through an embedded GSM module, the FRED PA-1 Online guarantees quick and easy installation: position the defibrillator where it is needed and you are good to go! LifeDataNet G2 is a powerful management solution: easily visualise your AEDs on an interactive map, check if all devices are in working order or whether they need your attention. Software updates can be scheduled and performed remotely, from anywhere.
  3. FOR PEACE OF MIND – KNOW THE DEVICE IS READY TO USE – An e-mail notification is sent if the self-test detects a device abnormality, low battery level or expiring electrodes etc.
  4. SECURE DATA TRANSMISSION – The FRED PA-1 Online’s cellular network connection enables safe transmission of intervention data to the LifeDataNet G2 server.