Survival Kit

Individual Grab Bag. 

The Real Response Individual Grab Bag is designed to keep you self-sufficient for 72 hours in the event of having to rapidly extract yourself from dangerous environments such as armed conflict, natural disaster and other crises. In the event that additional caloric energy can be sourced, the Real Response Individual Grab Bag can keep you going in an emergency situation for 1-2 weeks.


Five requirements for individuals in such emergencies are: Water, food, shelter/warmth, power and contingency options.

$1,089.00 Incl. tax



  • 1 X Mardingtop 28L Backpack
  • 1 X Leatherman OHT Multitool
  • 1 X CRKT 2055 Seatbelt Cutter
  • 1 X Molle Sheath (fits CRKT 2055 or Leatherman OHT)
  • 1 X Shemagh
  • 1 X Petzl e-lite Headlamp Torch
  • 1 X LED Lenser T2QC Torch
  • 1 X AAA/AA battery charger with USB Port
  • 1 X 4-pack AA Batteries
  • 1 X 4-pack AAA Batteries
  • 1 X Infinity Solar Charger 
  • 2 X Macpac Carabiners
  • 1 X Emergency Whistle
  • 1 X Sharpie Pen
  • 4 X Glow Stick 
  • 1 X LifestrawPersonal Water Filter
  • 1 X LifestrawFlex Water Bottle With Filter
  • 2 X Mayday 2400 Emergency Ration Bar
  • 1 X Paracord (5m)
  • 1 X Magnesium Fire Starter (flint stick)
  • 1 X Atka 10L Waterproof Dry Bag
  • 1 X SOL Emergency Bivvy/shelter
  • 1 X Mosquito Repellent
  • 1 X Hand Sanitiser
  • 1 X Baby Wipes (Pack)
  • 4 X Ziplock Bags
  • 3 X Garbage Bags


The human body can survive for approximately 72 hours without water; however, an individual’s ability to effectively negotiate an environment in that time period is greatly reduced as dehydration begins to set in. The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter (straw) and LifestrawFlex Water Bottle With Filter allow you to transform microbiologically contaminated water found in your environment into safe, clean drinking water.


While humans can survive without food for 72 hours, the energy decidct significantly impacts the cognitive and physical capacity needed to remain alert and effective in a survival situation. The two Mayday ration bars in the Real Response Individual Grab Bag provided 4800 calories that can be spread over three days to provide a minimum calorie intake in a survival situation. The ration bars contain all macronutrients, have a 5-Year shelf life and be kept at temperatures of up to 65° Celsius. The bars are nut-free and can be eaten without preparation.

Shelter and Warmth

Remaining warm and dry is important for minimising caloric expenditure and psychological morale. The SOL Emergency Bivvy is made from tear-resistant, aluminum-coated polyethylene and reflects 90% of your body heat back to you, providing life-saving warmth. The SOL Emergency Bivvy provides ultralight and compact protection from wind, rain, and snow. Additionally, the magnesium flint fire starter ensures that you can create a fire even in damp environments. 


The ability to utilise your mobile device in support of your survival plan can be crucial. The pocket-sized Infinity Solar Charger’s photovoltaic panels are made from a top-grade monocrystalline that is highly energy efficient. Charge is stored on a built-in 8000mAh battery, allowing you to charge your phone upto 3 times, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Real Response Individual Grab Bag contains AA and AAA batteries to support your power needs, as well as a dual compatible AA and AAA battery charger to extend the capacity of battery-operated devices where mains power is available.  

Contingency Options

After having the basics of survival covered, it is advantageous to have equipment that provides you additional capabilities in a survival situation. Whether that is cutting yourself free of your seatbelt in a vehicle accident/emergency, signaling for assistance, operating at night or employing fieldcraft, the Real Response Individual Grab Bag provides you with the tools and equipment to increase your ability to operate in isolated environments.