Are you prepared for an emergency? Our Tactical Trauma Kits (tactical first aid kit) will ensure you can provide life saving interventions during a critical first aid incident to both yourself and those around you.


Our tactical trauma (tactical first aid) kit is designed for individuals who want to be prepared for any situation. If you work in a tactical environment, travel to remote areas or would like the peace of mind knowing you would be prepared to deal with a trauma related incident then make sure you equip yourself with one of our tactical trauma (tactical first aid) kit.


We believe that this tactical medical equipment should not just be used by tactical operators but by the general public. The Tactical First Aid Trauma equipment in this kit is designed to be used in the first few minutes after someone has experienced a severe traumatic event. This may not be only be due to a tactical environment such as a shooting, stabbing, bombing or car attack, but from a industrial accident, farming accident, car crash or any other major trauma.


If you want to be prepared for a major trauma incident which is either from a tactical / hostile nature or an accident this is a must have kit. You can choose how to place / store these items on your kit, backpack or car. If you are looking for a carry case we suggest you take a look at our IFAK (Individual First Aid)) kit. You may purchase the IFAK with or without equipment.


If you are interested in learning how to use this equipment please take a look at our Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) courses. These courses will train you how to work in a hostile and tactical environment and how to manage major trauma. Such events trained include bullet wounds and stabbing wounds. The courses discuss penetrating, blunt and blast injuries while training you how to manage the injury patterns associated with tourniquets, chest seals, and wound packing.


The tactical trauma equipment in this kit has been battle proven and recommended by the committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (cTECC). Our team of paramedics, combat medics and advanced military medics can attest to their effectiveness. This equipement works and should be kept in every first aid kit. Real Response does have the capability to modify these tactical trauma kits. If you are interested in any modification please write to our team via the contact us page. If you work in a specific environment and would like to discuss these products please call us and we will arrange for you to speak with one of our tactical medics and product specialist.  All tactical trauma equipment in this kit is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved.


Note: The product image illustrates the large HyFin chest seal, not the compact HyFin supplied.