Item Qty Purpose
Hard Case 1 Hard case designed to keep all the equipment safe and secure during international transport and in rough environments.
Adult Manikin 1 Light and easy to use manikin which allows for effective CPR training. Markings on the side assist facilitator in guiding the student to perform high-performance CPR virtually. 
Infant Manikin 1 The Preston Infant Manikin allows students to practice Infant CPR and clearing an obstruction. In-built lights allow the facilitator to determine if effective compressions are being delivered and provide feedback.
AED pads 5 These allow the student to practice placing the pads in the correct position on the adult manikin. Combined with a facilitator using a live AED trainer it allows for an effective AED/CPR training session. 
Asthma spacer 2 The spacer combined with the ventolin inhaler ensures students are able to practice the 4X4X4 technique in delivering salbutamol to a patient in an asthma emergency.
Inhaler 2 As above
Trainer EPIPEN 4 The trainer EpiPen allows students to practice the administration of Adrenaline via an auto-injector for a patient suffering anaphylaxis.


Crepe Bandages 24 Gauze crepe bandage provides students the opportunity to demonstrate effective management of bleeding, snake bites, soft tissue injuries and splinting. 
Triangle Bandages 24 Allows students to demonstrate slings, splints, improvised tourniquets and doughnut bandage.
Gloves 4 Provides protection to students when cleaning the training tools.


Cleaning products 1 Ensures clinical cleaning of the training tools