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Real Response – The New Home of Real First Aid

Dear Real First Aid family, clients and partners

In 2014 we started Real First Aid as we saw an acute need for engaging, interactive and realistic first aid training.

Our mission in establishing Real First Aid was to save lives by§ preparing people for the reality of emergency situations. Over the last 3 years we have achieved that by shifting the way critical information was taught and by capturing the attention of our participants through realistic, immersive simulations.

Fast forward to 2018, we at Real First Aid have trained over 10,000 people in first aid. Just view our case studies. But in that time we’ve also expanded our services far beyond just first aid. We now also provide fire training, security training, emergency response drills, business continuity training and virtual reality solutions. As our scope has expanded it has become clear to us that the brand Real First Aid doesn’t adequately represent what we as organisation do.

So after month’s of planning, discussions and work we’re really excited to present our new identity, Real Response.

Real Response will continue to be the market leader in simulation first aid training but will also now service needs of our partners and the community in the wider safety and training space.

Despite the change, fundamentally our mission hasn’t changed at all. We have been, and always will be committed to saving lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations.

Motti Blum and Ben Krynski

Co-founders, Real Response