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Today’s leaders face demands unlike any before. Within emergency management, business continuity and crisis communications there can never be a one size fits all approach. Plans have to be about the customer, about the person and about the outcome.


Business Continuity Management Methodology

In order to have a strong Business Continuity Management program, each element of the star must be in place. Many of our clients have these concepts in place under different names and guises – but the intention and outcomes are the same.

We deliver services on all four points of the star from setting up governance processes and policies, developing an understanding of the business critical processes, systems and dependencies through to the rollout of plans, training and testing.


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About Real Response

Real Response brings Australia first aid courses alive through the use of high quality, high fidelity simulations.
We specialise in tailoring simulation-training packages, and are the only company in Australia to do so
outside of the professional medical and military fields.