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Fire Extinguisher Training is a nationally accredited training course for learning fire extinguisher use and fire suppression techniques. Also known as Confine Small Workplace Emergencies (PUAWER008B), fire extinguisher training at Real Response is delivered by professional firefighters and fire training experts who are dedicated to creating safer environments and saving lives. 

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What is a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher can be loosely compared to a giant aerosol can. There are several types of extinguishers designed for fighting different types of fires. All fire extinguishers contain solids, liquids or gases that are propelled under pressure when the extinguisher handle is pressed. Fire extinguishers are highly pressurised cannisters and are incredibly effective when used by a person with appropriate training. Fire Extinguisher Training familiarises course participants with the purpose and function of the most commonly used extinguisher types.

  • Class A: Used on wood and paper-based products, plastic and rubber.
  • Class B: Used on flammable liquids, chemical products and cleaning agents.
  • Class C: Used for extinguishing flammable gases before gas pressure builds.
  • Class D: Used to extinguish fires caused by combustible metals.
  • Class E: Used on electrical fires and fires impacting electric circuitry.
  • Class F: Used for managing fires caused by cooking oils and fats in kitchens.

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How to use a fire extinguisher?

Fire Extinguisher Training will show you how to approach a fire safely and use a fire extinguisher effectively. At Real Response, you get hands-on experience using a fire extinguisher training simulator designed to build capability and confidence. The following steps should be followed to extinguish a fire.

  • Sound the alarm and call 000.
  • Ensure you have a safe evacuation path before approaching a fire.
  • Don’t allow the fire, heat or smoke to block your evacuation path.
  • Select the appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • Target the fire effectively using the P.A.S.S. fire extinguisher technique.
  • Stand back from extinguished areas in case the fire re-ignites.
  • Evacuate immediately when the extinguisher is empty if the fire is still burning.
  • Evacuate immediately if the fire progresses beyond a manageable level.

The majority of fire extinguishers operate by using the P.A.S.S. technique:

Pull the pin to break the tamper seal.

Aim low and point the extinguisher nozzle or hose at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the handle for releasing the pressurised extinguisher agent.

Sweep the extinguisher from side to side, aiming at the base of the fire until it is extinguished.

Watch the area and be prepared in case the fire re-ignites. Fire extinguisher training includes the use of fire blankets and fire hoses. If in doubt about your ability to control and extinguish a fire, evacuate the area immediately.

Where can I get fire extinguisher training?

Workplace emergencies are more common than they should be, and fire safety solutions are required, particularly in large cities like Melbourne and Sydney where emergencies happen every day. Real Response is up to the task, delivering on-site training throughout the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas. Our comprehensive approach to basic fire extinguisher training includes electronic fire extinguisher training, with the course held at your workplace or other premises.

On-site fire training is ideal for industry-specific and personalised learning. It provides practical experience in a familiar setting and is a great opportunity for team bonding with employees and colleagues. Fire extinguisher training can be coupled with Fire Warden and Chief Warden courses for developing an all-round emergency response approach.

Who can give fire extinguisher training?

Only a qualified professional can give fire extinguisher training, and Real Response fire courses, including fire extinguisher training, are delivered by some of Australia’s finest firefighters and fire training experts. We use advanced simulation-based training methods known to promote deeper learning and superior knowledge retention. In only 3-hours you will attain nationally accredited qualifications and a worthy skillset for creating a safe environment and confining small workplace emergencies.

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