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Fire safety measures are an essential feature of any large building or premises. Building owners and managers are obliged by law to provide an annual fire safety report to remain compliant with legislation. Fire safety prevents fires, saves lives, and encourages best practices in residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, nursing homes, entertainment venues and any other location where persons and property require protection.

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What is fire safety?

Fire safety is following the proper course of action in the event of a fire. A qualified fire safety officer will understand appropriate fire extinguisher use for confining small workplace emergencies and have the ability to lead an emergency control team. Real Response delivers a wide range of fire safety courses, including:

  • Confine Small Workplace Emergencies (Fire Extinguisher Training) PUAWER008B
  • Warden Course PUAWER005B
  • Chief Warden Course PUAWER006B
  • Emergency Drill
  • Crisis Management

The role of first aid training organisations continues to evolve. Health and safety is prioritised more than ever and Real Response has grown dramatically to accommodate training program preferences. We provide the highest levels of industry-standard first aid training, along with dozens of specialised courses for creating safe workplace environments, responding to emergencies and taking leadership roles. Basic home fire safety is no less important, and Real Response training delivers the best fire safety tips for addressing home fires and other localised emergencies.

How to report a fire hazard?

Qualified fire wardens, chief wardens and others share workplace health and safety responsibilities, including reporting fire hazards. You will be expected to report your findings to your relevant workplace or building authority such as your security manager or building manager for assessment of the situation. In addition, every Australian state and territory has established guidelines on how to report a fire hazard.

In NSW, for example, fire safety complaints or concerns can be lodged with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), or your local council. Fire Safety Officers are familiar with all firefighting equipment and safety measures as outlined by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, including:

  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Smoke detectors and alarms
  • Self-closing fire doors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hoses and reels
  • Fire blankets
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire exits
  • Evacuation plans


Hostile Environment Awareness Training Course


How to apply for a fire safety certificate?

A fire safety certificate is a licence that recognises safe business activities and building functions in relation to fire and associated hazards. To be eligible for a fire safety certificate, all essential safety measures noted in your fire safety schedule need to be adhered to. The owner of any building subject to essential fire safety requirements must submit an annual fire safety statement/report certifying all fire safety measures are working and compliant with relevant standards. The certificate should be prominently displayed in the building. Contact Real Response for more information regarding the appropriate fire safety certificate for your building in Melbourne or Sydney.

Who is responsible for fire safety in the workplace?

Building management carries the responsibility for mitigating health and safety risks in the workplace, while employees are expected to comply with policies and cooperate with management WHS procedures. Employers have a duty of care toward staff, while employees should take care that their acts or omissions don’t put anyone in danger.

Progressive employers ensure their premises are protected by delegating responsibilities to fire wardens, floor wardens and trained first aid and emergency response staff. Check out the full range of training courses available at Real Response for protecting your workplace or other establishment.

What is a fire safety schedule?

A fire safety schedule relates to all essential fire safety measures applicable to your building or other premises. Measures include portable fire extinguishers, fire hoses/hydrants, smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. Your fire safety schedule should specify the performance standards required for design, installation and operation of all workplace firefighting equipment. When overseen by Real Response trained professionals, your fire safety schedule is in safe hands.

How to make a fire safety plan?

Your fire safety plan should be developed with the input of industry experts. Real Response has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s most popular training organisations for all the  right reasons, including our comprehensive range of fire safety training courses. We can visit your establishment, provide onsite fire safety training for your staff and help you develop the best possible emergency response plan in the event of a fire.

Real Response instructors are highly qualified paramedics, firefighters and emergency responders with decades of experience saving lives. For more fire safety services, fire protection strategies and fire safety information, contact Real Response today.


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