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There is always an element of danger when people gather in large numbers. Businesses and building managers are encouraged to employ onsite first aid and emergency response staff for workplace health and safety, with fire wardens an important link in the life saving chain. Fire Warden Training Melbourne delivers the skills and knowledge required for making timely decisions during a workplace emergency.

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What is fire warden training?

Fire Warden Training, also known as Lead An Emergency Control Organisation (PUAWER006B), teaches course participants to prioritise emergency response action and procedures. You will learn how to control and coordinate the response, conclude the incident, and liaise with emergency services. Fire warden duties focus on taking a leadership role, providing clear guidance during an emergency and keeping all affected persons aware of the situation as it evolves.

What is included in fire warden training?

Fire Warden Training Melbourne delivered by Real Response professionals is ideal for employees who are dedicated to keeping the workplace safe. This course focuses on clear communication and procedures for a timely and safe building evacuation. Real Response uses enhanced simulation-based training methods for deeper immersion in learning and superior knowledge retention. Course attainments include:

  • Preparing an emergency response action plan
  • Understanding emergency signals and reports
  • Undertaking actions during a developing situation
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • Responding to a fire emergency
  • Responding to a bomb threat

Your role and responsibilities will include relating to people from different cultural, social, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, as well as those with physical or intellectual disabilities.


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Where can I find fire warden training in Melbourne?

Fire Warden Training (PUAWER006B) is ideally learnt onsite at your workplace or other establishment. Real Response course instructors are all highly qualified paramedics and emergency responders with the ability to deliver personalised training solutions for your staff. We will help you address workplace risks and hazards, implement emergency management strategies, establish appropriate building evacuation procedures, and can even offer ideas for setting up a dedicated first aid room and health care facilities.

We also provide a range of first aid and emergency response training programs at our headquarters, located close to the Melbourne CBD at Level 1, 3 Wellington Street, St Kilda.

How long is a fire warden training course?

Fire Warden Training Melbourne takes only 4 hours to complete and delivers nationally accredited attainments. With workplace health and safety increasingly prioritised in today’s society, fire warden training graduates are in demand, and the opportunity to upskill for job promotion has never been more accessible. Real Response believes in progressive training options, and you can upgrade your skillset with Fire Marshal training or the Chief Fire Warden training course. Melbourne Real Response delivers Australian standard Chief Warden’s courses and other specialist programs for every type of business and organisation.

How much does fire warden training cost?

The Fire Warden training course is often covered by the employer, particularly in larger businesses spread over several levels of high rise buildings. Real Response is dedicated to widespread uptake of first aid knowledge and skills, so we offer a flat rate of $1125 for up to 7 Fire Warden trainees.

How long will a fire warden certificate last?

With Real Response, the skills and knowledge are carried with you for life, but your qualification will need to be upgraded periodically. Lead An Emergency Organisation (PUAWER006B) qualifications are valid for 1 year, after which time a short refresher course is required to retain the qualification.


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