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Posted on 18/11/2019 by Benjamin Krynski

Only a few weeks ago we received one of the first Oculus Quests in Australia. The meaning of this is the VR can now truly come into its own.

The specific feature of the Quest which is such a game-changer is the 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) compared to 3 degrees of freedom (3dof) on previous standalone headsets such as the Vive Focus, Lenovo Daydream, and Oculus Go. This refers to the number of different directions an object can move in 3D space.

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3DOF headsets can track your head orientation (knows where you are looking and tracks you as you move in all directions).

6DOF headsets will track orientation and position, meaning the system will track you through. room and track other objects such as the position the remotes are pointing/moving in.


To date, all our VR programs have required the use of an expensive computer, tethered headset, and sensors. Expensive, heavy, and difficult to operate. Now it’s just a small light package consisting of 1 headset, 2 remotes, and 1 charger. All at 10% of the cost as the larger systems we were selling 1 month ago.

This means for the same budget clients can use 10x more headsets, rolling out training to a lot more people over much larger areas.

We have a few exciting projects we are working on, most of which we cannot yet share.

However, the ones which are currently commercially available and being used in schools, universities, emergency services, and the military include:

The worlds first and award-winning first responder mass casualty training program- Real MCI.

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A unique fire training system which is easy to scale and incorporate for clients with members across large geographical areas – Real Extinguisher.

Tailored Solutions:

In addition to these off the shelf products, our developers are able to work closely with clients to deliver specific outcomes as they request.

About Real Response:

Real Response is an Australian based simulation focused on emergency response training and innovation. Its team is made up of Paramedics, Military Medics, Educators and VR developers. 

Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

About the author: Mr Benjamin Krynski is a Paramedic and Co-Founder of Real Response.

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