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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a powerful training tool that allows for fully scalable, immersive training solutions. Real Response has a range of off the shelf VR packages and is also able to fully customise VR development to suit your unique needs.

Custom Development

Fully customisable VR development

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  • Customised VR training solutions
  • Hardware available
  • Powerful tracking and analytics

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Real MCI

VR training platform for MCI response

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  • Off the shelf solution
  • Ongoing software updates
  • Hardware included
  • Designed for first responders

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Range of other VR projects built by Real Response

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  • View a range of VR solutions developed by Real Response
  • Built on Unity platform
  • Developed by an RTO

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Virtual reality training is immersive, enabling learners to enter into realistic scenarios in a safe environment. The military has been using virtual reality as a training method for decades, and improvements in computer graphics, technology and interactivity make it an ideal platform for first aid training. Real Response moves with the times in creating new and refreshing ways to deliver qualifications that are deeply learnt and easily recalled whenever an emergency arises.


What is virtual reality?

For most of us, our first experience with virtual reality is in movies, where realistic special effects allow viewers to suspend disbelief. Virtual reality game systems also use high-resolution graphics, and when combined with a virtual headset and controls, the real world disappears, and an entirely new virtual world opens up before your eyes.


Fast forward to 2018, and the progressive evolution of Real Response, with the introduction of VR for first aid training. Real Response is already famous for simulation-based first aid training, making the addition of virtual reality first aid training the perfect fit for people who want genuine life-saving capabilities. Real Response offers a range of VR packages and can also fully customise VR development to suit your unique needs.


What can virtual reality be used for?

Virtual reality has limitless applications for training in the real world. It’s as easy as slipping on a VR headset, glasses or virtual reality goggles. Virtual reality is ideal for military, medical, police and first aid emergency responders, allowing trainees to develop first-hand knowledge and skills while still in the classroom. Real Response course developers come from emergency response and education backgrounds, with an aim to improve first aid capabilities in a ‘learning by doing’ environment.


The results have been outstanding, with more first aiders than ever overseeing the health and safety of Australians from all walks of life. In times when safety is paramount, a Real Response trained first aider is ready to act decisively and with confidence, thanks to immersive and deeply understood knowledge and skills acquisition. VR first aid training includes:


  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on adults, infants and children
  • Airway management and resuscitation techniques
  • Anaphylaxis, asthma and choking response
  • Addressing injuries and stabilising the patient
  • Appropriate treatment for sprains, strains and broken bones
  • Communication with other first aiders and emergency response personnel


These are just a few of the many essential first aid skills that Real Response delivers, all providing nationally accredited qualifications that are in demand with employers and industry experts. With a virtual reality set, anything is possible.


How can virtual reality enhance first aid training?

Real Response was founded to bridge the divide between first aid attainments and actual life saving ability, and virtual reality hits the sweet spot for first aid training. Our fully customisable virtual reality development means you can adapt training specifically for your business and staff. As a registered training organisation, Real Response is excited to be a leading virtual reality first aid training organisation, with advantages that include:


  • Deeply immersive learning and superior knowledge retention
  • Responses based on genuine observations rather than prompts from an instructor
  • Learning by doing that results in real capabilities the moment training is complete
  • Training that allows you to remain composed in highly-stressful situations
  • Video capture and scoring system for accurate training assessments
  • Superior visual reality with virtual reality systems applications for the real world


What virtual reality projects do you offer?

Real Response virtual reality projects are extensive and can be targeted to suit every individual. We dedicate our full VR resources to ensure your team get the training you deserve, using enhanced simulations that can even contain your company logo, uniforms and vehicles. Customised development and ongoing software updates allow you to change what you see in the simulation, allowing your first aid training project to remain up to date with the latest first aid technology at all times.


Powerful analytics and tracking ensure your team are up to speed with genuine emergency response capabilities. Life-threatening situations don’t arise every day for most people, but when they do it’s good to know your team are ready to respond in an appropriate and timely manner. Time is of the essence when reviving an unconscious person, and Real Response virtual reality equipment and first aid training is the means to make your life saving intervention count.