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Real Response have developed a range of Virtual Reality solutions for a variety of industries. These applications have been built on the Unity platform using a range of hardware solutions such as HTC Vive, Daydream and Gear VR.

Examples of projects

Real Extinguisher Real Extinguisher is a self-taught Virtual Reality (VR) module that will familiarise users with the basics of fire management and fire extinguisher use. 
Country Familiarisation

A Virtual Reality environment to familiarise people to the risks / sensitivities of arriving in a foreign country.

Real MCI Built by first responders, Real MCI is a virtual reality training solution that prepares first responders to deal with mass casualty incidents.

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Car Accident Using mobile VR this application teaches first aiders about triaging.
Load Restraint This application uses VR to train and assess the principles of load restraint.


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