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Real Response have developed a range of Virtual Reality solutions for a variety of industries. These applications have been built to support a range of standalone and tethered headsets.


VR Point of Care Ultrasound Trainer (POCUS) This system has been designed in partnership with Philips Healthcare Australia, critical care and emergency physicians, paramedics, military medics, and sonographers. The systems allow users to practice their point of care ultrasound (POCUS), techniques, and image recognition within high-intensity immersive 360 VR simulation.
MedEvac Trainer The Real Response MedEvac VR simulator has been designed for both civilian and military pre-hospital critical care practitioners.

Designed to assist in training users on medical retrieval, this system allows students to practice their skills in a simulated environment prior to entering the helicopter of live training mission. Reducing the overall training cost and burden.

VR For First Aid Real Response has developed comprehensive VR training scenarios.

This system allows users to remotely practice their first aid skills in a safe, controlled manner.

Designed to further augment live simulation and for those unable to access live simulation, the Real Response VR First Aid training packages are being adopted by industry and government across the globe.

Real MCI Real MCI was built by first responders for first responders.

The system is designed for law enforcement, paramedics, military medics and other first responders.
It allows the user to practice assessment, treatment and triage of patient in a mass casualty incident.


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