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Designed for first responders by first responders, Real MCI has been created to provide a solution to training for low frequency high impact events. Real MCI can be tailored to meet the specific application or learning outcome of your organisation. The scenarios are capable of being repeated over and over again. Video capture and the unique scoring system allow the system to be used as a review and assessment program.

Video of Real MCI

Why use VR to train for MCIs?

It is notoriously challenging to train first responders to deal with Mass Casualty Incidents. Simulating MCIs in a realistic manner is generally very expensive and time consuming exercise. It can also be very challenging to put through large numbers of staff or students and to track their performance. Real MCI solves these problems by providing an immersive, realistic, scalable way to prepare people to deal with MCIs.


What is Real MCI?

Real MCI allow first responders to experience a range of MCI situations virtually as if they were there. Users will be immersed into an interactive 360 degree environment. The training program will test their decision making in a high stress situation. They will be forced to assess up to 15 patients, triage those patients and administer basic treatment before further paramedics arrive on the scene.

At the end of the training program users will be given a score and will have access to a dashboard that outlines the decisions they made during the experience. This data can be exported to an LMS system or as spreadsheet.

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About Real Response

Real Response brings Australia first aid courses alive through the use of high quality, high fidelity simulations.
We specialise in tailoring simulation-training packages, and are the only company in Australia to do so
outside of the professional medical and military fields.