Provide Advanced First Aid

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HLTAID014- Provide Advanced First Aid

HLTAID009- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • 2 Day (16 Hours) Course Length
  • 3 Years Certificate Length
  • Nationally Accredited

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Provide Advanced First Aid, previously known as HLTAID006 Level 3 First Aid, is designed for those seeking a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of first aid events and emergencies. The expectation is that participants leave capable of conducting a complete assessment of a casualty and begin steps for treatment.
Prerequisites English Literacy, Physical Ability – Able to Perform CPR on the Floor for 2 Minutes, Internet Connection
Course Delivery
  • 2-4 Hours Online Precourse Work
  • 2 Day (16 Hours) Face-to-Face
• All the elements covered inProvide First Aid and;
• Use of a bag valve mask
• Spinal Immobilisation
• Emergency Child Birth
• Triage
• Drug overdoses

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Provide Advanced First Aid, and Advanced Resuscitation is a comprehensive course design for those seeking a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of first aid events and emergencies. Participants will learn to conduct a complete assessment of a casualty and begin treatment steps, including using oxygen during resuscitation.
This course focuses on PUAEME008 - Provide Pain Management, an essential unit for those in medically supervised first responder roles. It is designed to equip participants with the skills to administer restricted analgesics for effective pain management in emergency situations. The course is ideal for environments where immediate pain relief is crucial and must be administered safely and effectively.
The Provide Pain Management course (PUAEM008) is designed for those who may be required to administer analgesia (pain relief) during their duties as a first aider. Most first aiders are not required to provide pain management due to the close proximity of ambulance resources or definitive care at hospital. However, remote environments or high risk industries may choose to provide their first aiders with pain relief medications such as Paracetamol, Methoxyflurane or Ibuprofen. This course develops the skills of how to assess pain and administer a pain relief medications when clinically indicated while maintaining the legal requirements of the use of such medications.