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The story of Real Response starts in 2010 when Benjamin Krynski founded a boutique first aid training company called Phoenix First Aid. Soon after Co-founder Motti Blum joined the team. For about 4 years, Ben and Motti ran traditional first aid courses for businesses and other organisations around Melbourne.


This evolved into Real First AId in October 2014 upon receiving some initial seed funding to  create a company to meet the acute need for engaging, interactive and realistic first aid training in Australia. Real First Aid delivered realistic scenario based training tailored for each individual client. These courses incorporated role playing, props, fake wounds, flashing lights, sirens, smoke, odours and an answering service designed to simulate 000 calls.


2018 has seen to further evolution to Real Response, A company dedicated not only to first aid but to a range of emergency response services including security, fire, and disaster relief and incorporating virtual reality (VR) as key component of how we deliver training.


Since our beginning our goal has been to fundamentally shift the way this critical information is taught and to capture the attention of our participants through realistic, immersive simulations. This leads into our mission which is




Founded by a Paramedic and an experiential high-school educator we have witnessed the real difference experiential education can make in life and passionately believe that you can’t compromise on saving lives. Which is why all our training incorporates immersive simulation based learning delivered by those with real experience such professional paramedics, firefighters or critical care nurses with crisis management experience.


We are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and work with product engineers to create effects and props specific to our courses. Our strong network of expert security advisors, firefighters, actors and pyro-technicians provide support and advice when needed.


We are driven by working with exceptional clients who see a real need for equipping people with the skills to make informed decisions in high-stress situations. We are passionate, motivated and creative and by shifting from mundane and disconnected content to realistic and relevant experiences, we have the potential to make a real difference and save lives.