Who we are

A team of passionate, skilled and experienced first-responders, educators and software developers who leverage cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional outcomes through both live and synthetic simulation technologies. Real Response is a world-leading and award winning company who have trained tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the world through some of the most engaging and realistic training available.

We help save lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations.

Our clients

Our clients are remarkable organisations who expect the very highest quality of training delivered by some of the most experienced trainers in the world. It is this dedication to cutting edge quality, service and experience which allows Real Response to provide training to some of the most high-risk, dynamic, austere and unique organisations.

What makes us different

Training Team

World-class legends who have direct first response experience and deliver training through cutting-edge live and synthetic simulation. No powerpoint here!

Operations Team

Highly trained professionals using some of the best systems in the industry to ensure a seamless experience for course organiser, student and all stakeholders involved.

BlueRoom XR Team

These experienced software engineers, extended reality (XR) developers and 3D artists offer a unique ability for clients to leverage cutting-edge synthetic training and future training systems.

About Real Response

Born out of the critical need to pull simulation out of the military, aviation and professional medical world and make simulation accessible to everyone undertaking any form of critical skill training, no matter how basic. Still to this day this philosophy stands true and remains a key pillar of the company

Organisations from a wide variety of industries benefit from this unique form of simulation based training including manufacturing, education, logistics, government, law enforcement and defence. Clients include Qantas, University Melbourne, TOLL and many federal and state government departments. 

Responding to the industry need for future training technologies, Real Response hosts a Serious Games department of extended reality (XR) developers, software engineers and 3D artists who create XR training products for internal use and for bespoke client needs.