Master your disaster response

Master your disaster response with Real Response’s Emergency Management Services. Our expert team of is dedicated to helping you prepare for and effectively manage a wide range of emergencies, ensuring your organisation’s safety and resilience. By utilising our comprehensive training programs, tailored exercises, and real-world simulations, you can be confident in your ability to navigate any crisis. Discover how our innovative approach to emergency management can transform your organisation’s response capabilities and safeguard your valuable assets, people, and reputation. Embrace the power of preparedness with Real Response and confidently face any challenge that comes your way.

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Master your disaster response

Real Response can elevate the urgency in your team's emergency response skills.

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Test Your Emergency Management Programs

Maximise your organisation’s disaster readiness with our extensive range of emergency management simulations. At Real Response, we provide various services to help you bolster your emergency response capabilities:

Participate in facilitated discussions based on hypothetical emergency scenarios, which help identify potential gaps in your organisation’s response plans. Duration: 1 – 4 hours.

Experience realistic emergency situations in the field, testing the effectiveness of your response systems and procedures while enhancing coordination among stakeholders. Duration: 30 minutes – 72 hours.

Engage in a complex simulation of a major disaster or emergency event, involving multiple agencies and organisations to improve inter-organisational communication and cooperation. Duration: 4 – 72 hours.

Respond to simulated emergencies in a controlled environment, honing your skills in evacuations, first aid, equipment shutdowns, and other crucial procedures. Duration: 1 – 6 hours.

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced facilitators, who guide your team during emergency preparedness exercises or workshops, offering valuable insights and advice. Duration: Contact us for more information.

Our emergency management simulations are designed to help your organisation build confidence, improve collaboration, and refine your emergency response strategies. With Real Response’s Emergency Management Services, you can be assured of optimal preparedness and a robust response when it matters most.

Real Response: Top Emergency Management Benefits


Benefit from our team's real-world emergency response experience and knowledge.


Tailor our services to meet your organisation's unique needs and requirements.


Experience realistic, immersive training scenarios designed to improve your team's emergency response capabilities.


Access a wide range of emergency management services, from tabletop exercises to large-scale simulations.

Ongoing Growth

Identify gaps and areas for improvement in your organisation's emergency response plans and procedures.

Team Building

Strengthen collaboration and communication among team members during crisis situations.

Discover the Real Response advantage as we empower individuals and organisations with the skills to confidently handle urgent, high-pressure emergency situations. As a Registered Training Organisation, we offer a wide range of Nationally Accredited and bespoke training programs in first aid, advanced casualty care, tactical medicine, mental health, fire, and emergency response. Our immersive, simulation-based training, led by experienced professionals, ensures maximum learning and skill retention. Choose Real Response to elevate your emergency response capabilities and safeguard your team, clients, and community with precision and composure. 

Real Response & Battleground's Ultimate Resilience Partnership

Real Response has joined forces with Battleground, a renowned Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management consultancy, to deliver comprehensive crisis and emergency management solutions. Combining Battleground’s specialised software and expertise with Real Response’s immersive training, we provide pragmatic and easily integrated services to strengthen business resilience and continuity.

Together, we offer a range of exercises and services, including immersive simulations, desktop exercises, live simulated emergency management, and crisis management training seminars. Utilising the Battleground Platform, our training experiences feature realistic elements such as newspaper articles, emails, social posts, and live actors. Our flexible options cater to your organisation’s unique needs, from basic crisis management exercises to large-scale, immersive emergency simulations. Partnering with Battleground, Real Response ensures your team is prepared to handle urgent emergency situations and enhance overall resilience and performance.

While real-world simulations offer invaluable hands-on emergency management experience, they are generally infrequent and can be costly and challenging to organise. Real Response has developed innovative virtual simulations for emergency management training to close the gap and maintain preparedness between live exercises. Our range includes desktop games that enhance tabletop exercises to immersive Mixed Reality experiences like our BlueRoom System.

BlueRoom allows users to interact with real-world objects in a virtual environment, combining decision-making practice with the development of fine motor and technical skills. By utilising both real-world simulations and virtual training tools, Real Response ensures that individuals and organisations are continuously prepared to handle emergencies effectively.

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