Experience the Real Response Difference
At Real Response, we believe that effective training goes beyond traditional classroom learning. Our simulation-based approach to training ensures that your workforce is fully prepared to handle real-life emergencies with confidence.
Boost Skill Retention
Practicing in a simulated environment helps participants retain vital knowledge and skills better than theoretical learning alone.
Enhance decision-making abilities
Our simulations expose trainees to a variety of high-pressure situations, teaching them to make critical decisions quickly and effectively.
Develop teamwork and communication skills
Realistic simulations require participants to collaborate and communicate effectively, strengthening their teamwork abilities.
Increase adaptability
By working through diverse scenarios, trainees become more adaptable and better prepared to face unexpected challenges in real-life situations.
Build confidence
Experiencing simulated emergencies helps participants gain the confidence they need to act decisively and effectively when faced with real emergencies.
Simulation-Based Learning for Workforce Preparedness
With our team of highly experienced trainers, consisting of ex-paramedics, army medics, nurses, firefighters, and police, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of training that makes a real impact on your workforce's preparedness. Choose Real Response for a training experience that truly prepares your team for real-world emergencies.

Be Prepared to Save a Life

Experience the difference

Real Response can elevate your team's emergency response skills with a customised training solution.


Why Choose Real Response?

Simulation Learning

Experience real-world scenarios and enhance your team's emergency response skills through our unique simulation-based training approach.

Expert Trainers

Learn from the best, with trainers who have real-life experience as paramedics, army medics, nurses, firefighters, and police officers.

Customised Programs

Our tailored training programs include industry-specific simulations, ensuring that your team learns relevant skills applicable to your workplace.

Nationwide Network

No matter where you are in Australia, our extensive network of trainers allows us to deliver on-site training to meet your needs.

Online Options

Adapt to the changing world with our flexible online courses, including First Aid and CPR, delivered via Zoom for your convenience.


We are an accredited RTO, compliant with ASQA, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001, ensuring the highest quality training for your team.

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What Our Customers Say About Us


Real Response offers a wide range of courses, including First Aid, Compliance, Mental Health, Tactical, and Fire Safety. We provide both accredited and non-accredited training programs designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses across various industries.

Real Response caters to all industries, including office-based professions. However, our strength lies in preparing workers in hazardous industries where a confident response can be the difference between life and death. We tailor our training programs to the unique needs of each sector, ensuring effective and relevant learning experiences.

We’re accredited to teach a wide variety of courses, including many not listed on our site. We’ve also developed custom courses for specific workplaces in consultation with experts and peak industry associations. Please get in touch, and let us help you find the right training solution for your needs.

Yes, Real Response offers online courses, including First Aid and CPR, via Zoom. This allows you to access our training programs from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.

Absolutely! We can tailor our training programs and simulations to be relevant to your industry and workplace. Our customised programs ensure that your team learns the most applicable skills and techniques for your specific needs.


While we may not be the cheapest provider, we firmly believe we’re the best. Our trainers are seasoned professionals, we’ve invested heavily in our simulation equipment, and we take the time to make our training relevant to your business. Emergency response training is about saving lives, not just saving a few dollars.

Our training services are in high demand, so booking well ahead of time improves your chances of securing your preferred date. However, we sometimes have last-minute cancellations. It’s best to get in touch and find out if we’re available for your desired time frame.

While there’s no minimum number of participants, each course has a fixed booking price for up to 7 participants. After that, there’s a per-person charge up to the maximum course size, which varies based on the course. Remote area bookings may incur travel and accommodation charges. For groups with less than 7 participants, consider our online or public courses for your business.

Real Response accommodates numerous large customers throughout the year across the country. We’ve developed an easy-to-use, self-service training portal where you can securely manage your company’s bookings, access staff certificates, and organise additional dates to cater to your organisation’s high volume training requirements.

Yes, our trainers are highly experienced professionals from emergency response backgrounds, including ex-paramedics, army medics, nurses, firefighters, and police. They bring their real-world experience and expertise to deliver the highest standard of training.

Our simulation-based learning approach uses immersive and realistic training scenarios to enhance skill retention, decision-making, teamwork, adaptability, and confidence. This hands-on method offers a more engaging and effective learning experience compared to traditional classroom-style training.