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Anyone who may be required to use a fire extinguisher in any environment should complete this course. The fire extinguisher course (PUAWER008B) is a nationally recognised course which covers the basic theory of fire suppression and appropriate use of a fire extinguisher. Students will then practice the safe operation of a fire extinguisher during the practical training and assessment. All fire courses are taught by firefighters and experts in fire training.

What You Will Learn?

Only 13% of Australians know that there are various types of fire extinguishers used to put out fires. There are different classes of fire that are paired with appropriate extinguishers for workplace specific safety. The Fire Extinguisher Training Course familiarises students with the purpose and function of all commonly used fire extinguishers.
  • Class A: These extinguishers are used on wood and paper-based products, plastics and rubber
  • Class B: These extinguishers put out flammable liquids such as chemical products and cleaning agents
  • Class C: Used to put out flammable gases before gas pressure builds
  • Class D: Used to combat fires caused by combustible metals
  • Class E: These extinguishers are valuable in electrical fires and those related to electric circuitry
  • Class F: Used to manage fires caused by cooking oils and fats in kitchen and workplace settings

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Who are the real first aid trainers?

Our qualified instructors are world-class legends. They’re paramedics, firemen, critical care nurses and former military. These are people who know how to think on their feet and will teach you to do the same. Our trainers want you to be involved, ask questions and have a go. Great effort and planning is taken to ensure an inclusive, safe and non-intimidating learning environment. We don’t want you to memorise a stack of information on ‘how to apply first aid’, we want you to experience it for yourself. Meet The Team

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Who Will Benefit from Fire Extinguisher Training?

Fire safety and burns treatments are first aid essentials that dramatically add to the skillset for both proactive and reactive emergency response. Training packages that feature PUAWEROO8B include Public Safety Air Dispatch, Field Petroleum Operations, Vehicle Recovery and Community Safety.

Australia’s major cities continue to reach skyward, and safety is a big issue. Building managers work with security operations, fire wardens, first aid staff and service providers to maximise overall building performance. When the output of an entire building workforce is at stake, it’s reassuring to know assistance is on hand with appropriate fire extinguisher training.


How is Fire Extinguisher Training Delivered?

At Real Response, courses are delivered using simulation-based training, where emergencies are replicated to encourage a deeper learning experience. The hands-on nature of simulation training encourages ‘learning by doing’, overseen by some of Australia’s best first aid paramedics and emergency responders. Simulation training is ideal for the Fire Extinguisher Training Course.

By training in familiar locations, greater appreciation for workplace safety is developed, along with the opportunity for team-bonding with workmates and colleagues. Real Response training includes actors, props, real emergency equipment, timed emergency responses, teamwork, plus communication and leadership skills development.

What Attainments Will Fire Extinguisher Training Provide?

Fire Extinguisher Training (PUAWER008) is a specialised course for people who thrive on responsibility. The essential fire skill set is thoroughly learnt, including appropriate approach and response to all fire types. The course attainments are valid for 1 year prior to a refresher course, and they provide scope for career development or an entirely different employment direction.

Real Response trained staff are the best first line of defence available, and are fully competent to spring into action for optimum emergency response outcomes.