First Aid

When you think about basic first aid training, what do you imagine? Most people will say a classroom style set up, a stuffy room, a whole lot of PowerPoint slides and a whole lot of talking. Doesn’t sound especially exciting but first aid training should be. After all, we’re talking about skills that could potentially save lives! We think that deserves more than a few anecdotes and diagrams.

Find a First Aid course for you

Advanced First Aid

Provide Advanced first aid otherwise known as the Level 3 first aid course is designed for those who are looking for a more comprehensive and deeper understanding into first aid events and emergencies. The course delves into the pathophysiology of many more conditions and discusses the anatomy in the way which it relates to a first aider’s role. The expectation is that participants leave capable of conducting a complete assessment of a casualty and begin steps for treatment. Throughout the course, realistic simulations are run incorporating all the course content.

PASS Progressive Advanced Skill Set

The Real Response PASS – Progressive Advanced Skill Set –is designed for those who understand that basic CPR and Provide First Aid are just the beginning. The PASS is about readiness, empowerment, and the confidence to act decisively during medical emergencies, wherever they occur. Whether you’re safeguarding a workplace, enjoying the great outdoors, or simply being proactive in your family's safety, the PASS equips you with the skills to be the difference-maker in critical moments.

Provide CPR

Be Prepared to Save a Life. 20,000 Australians die yearly from sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting. Only 10% of people survive. Without intervention; • Every minute, the chance of survival drops by 10%. • Within 4 minutes, brain damage begins to occur. • After 10 minutes, death will occur. Of the 26% of people with current CPR training, only 4% feel confident enough to administer it. Being prepared to respond is what sets Real Response training apart. Our field-experienced educators guide participants through hands-on simulation-based training, leading to better outcomes. • Participants are more engaged • Have better recall and retention • Heightened situational awareness • Better coping under stress

Provide First Aid

Real Response's Provide First Aid, HLTAID011 (Formerly HLTAID003 Level 2 Senior First aid) provides the practical skills required for emergency first aid response, life support, casualty management and more. Our simulation-based training prepares participants for the reality of an emergency, giving them the confidence to respond in a natural and timely way.