Real Response’s expert team of emergency responders and consultants deliver and develop a range of specialist programs for your unique needs. Some of the specialist courses which Real Response’s fire specialists train are Warden, Chief Warden and Fire Extinguisher training. Emergency drills, crisis management and business continuity training may be developed for each client after a indepth consultancy process. Tailor made specialist medical, fire, security or crisis response sessions are available on request.

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Any large building or establishment where people gather requires fire wardens for overseeing health and safety. Building operations need to function seamlessly and securely for all workers and visitors, and building and industry managers are on the lookout for staff who can multitask and outperform the competition. Fire Warden Training (PUAFER005) at Real Response is the superior way to help you develop a workplace advantage and prepare for an emergency or evacuation.

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Chief Warden

This course is designed for individuals who are in charge of enacting the emergency response in a large organisation, building or establishment. The course builds on PUAFER005 to develop the essential leadership skills required to lead emergency response protocol. The Chief Warden course, also known as Lead an Emergency Control Organisation (PUAFER006), delivers broad ranging knowledge and skills for developing natural leadership qualities used during life-threatening emergencies and building evacuations.

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Anyone who may be required to use a fire extinguisher in any environment should complete the nationally recognised Fire Extinguisher (PUAFER008) course. Also known as Confine small emergencies in a facility, PUAFER008 delivered by Real Response covers the basic theory of fire suppression and appropriate use of a fire extinguisher. Students also engage in safe operation of a fire extinguisher during the practical training and assessment course component. All fire courses at Real Response are taught by firefighters and experts in fire training.

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