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Any large building or establishment where people gather requires fire wardens for overseeing health and safety. Building operations need to function seamlessly and securely for all workers and visitors, and building and industry managers are on the lookout for staff who can multitask and outperform the competition. Fire Warden Training (PUAFER005) at Real Response is the superior way to help you develop a workplace advantage and prepare for an emergency or evacuation.

What does a fire warden do?

Fire wardens control the movements of workmates, colleagues and visitors to an establishment during emergency evacuation. Real Response training is deeply embedded and becomes second nature in emergency situations requiring timely response and sound leadership. A fire warden will secure the site, coordinate helpers, communicate with medics, prioritise the evacuation and apply appropriate workplace procedures.

Coaxing people away from their workstations can be difficult, but with the right training comes an approach that will be respected and appreciated. Fire wardens evacuate staff and visitors, corral people at designated meeting points, count heads, maintain emergency equipment, and assist other first aiders and emergency services personnel. Fire wardens are an essential part of any building safety strategy, and an important addition to any workforce. Knowledge and skills attainments gained in the Fire Warden Training course include:

  • Understanding designated responsibilities
    related to emergency response
  • Development of workplace emergency
  • Reporting risks and hazards in the workplace
  • Communication with building management, staff and emergency services
  • Evaluation of workplace emergencies and evacuations
  • Preparing for an evacuation
  • Assisting others in accord with emergency response procedures

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Who are the real response trainers?

Our qualified instructors are world-class legends. They’re paramedics, firemen, critical care nurses and former military. These are people who know how to think on their feet and will teach you to do the same. Our trainers want you to be involved, ask questions and have a go. Great effort and planning is taken to ensure an inclusive, safe and non-intimidating learning environment. We don’t want you to memorise a stack of information on ‘how to apply first aid’, we want you to experience it for yourself.

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What is a fire warden?

Fire wardens hold responsible positions and work in cooperation with building managers, security managers and other leaders in establishments where people gather in large numbers. Fire Warden Training (PUAFER005) establishes an important link in the life saving chain, and is ideal for staff who want to develop their leadership capabilities for workplace safety.

Fire wardens are natural leaders who thrive on responsibility, with employment progression potential that includes emergency management planning, communications, equipment and facilities maintenance and other essential workplace functions.

What are on the job fire warden roles and responsibilities?

Fire wardens are alert to emergency signals and warnings in their area of responsibility. Larger buildings and corporate environments ideally station one or two fire wardens on each building level. Fire wardens are part of the regular workforce who are willing and able to shoulder additional responsibilities related to the health and safety of others.

A capable fire warden will initiate and control initial emergency response, anticipate further developments of emergency situations and perform all tasks according to workplace protocol. Instructions from a fire warden during an emergency need to be followed, and Real Response training will empower you with the necessary leadership capabilities, with fire warden duties and responsibilities as follows.

1: Respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings with appropriate action according to established protocol. Assess further developments and act accordingly while also making arrangements for people who require assistance. Attend and operate emergency stations in the appropriate manner while wearing suitable identification as instructed so others can understand your position and follow your instructions.

2: Initial emergency response is carried out according to workplace emergency procedures. You will be responsible for checking evacuated areas and delivering reports to your relevant supervisor or superior. Moving large numbers of people in a hurry isn’t easy, particularly when they are in the middle of important work, so you will also be responsible for reporting people unaccounted for post-evacuation.

3: Implement the emergency management plan according to instructions, while also taking future developments into consideration. Assess developments and report the situation to relevant persons.

4: When the emergency evacuation is complete, you will report to relevant authorities, retain accurate incident reports and provide other information as required according to your workplace emergency plan.

What is simulation based first aid training?

Fire warden duties and responsibilities are an essential component of safety, although emergency evacuations aren’t an everyday occurrence. For this reason, Real Response delivers simulation training methods that are changing the face of first aid and emergency response for the better. Simulation based training has been used by police, the military and emergency services personnel for years, and Real Response trainees now have access to the same training methods.

Simulation-based first aid training is ideal for trainee fire wardens in every type of workplace. Advantages include identifying hazards, minimising risks, and the potential to establish on-site first aid facilities and a fire warden station. Course participants benefit by learning in a familiar environment where they may be expected to perform duties as a fire warden.

Simulated emergency response practice is suitable for newcomers to first aid along with professionals who are looking for a new challenge and want to upgrade their skill set. A few hours of committed first aid training delivered by Australia’s most progressive training company results in nationally accredited attainments that are in demand. Well known advantages of simulation training for fire wardens include:

  • Simulation training saves more lives
  • Simulation training creates a safer environment
  • Simulation training is suitable for people of all ages
  • Simulation training is an active and fun way to learn
  • Simulation training is ideal for team-building exercises
  • Simulation training develops important leadership skills
  • Simulation training tests genuine emergency response times

Who are the Real Response trainers?

Real Response qualified instructors are world-class legends with vast emergency response experience. They are paramedics, firefighters, critical care nurses a military emergency personnel. Our specialist trainers know how to think on their feet without distraction, and will teach you to do the same. Our trainers encourage involvement from course participants, invite questions and empower you to have a go. Great effort and planning is taken to ensure an inclusive, safe and non-intimidating learning environment. We get you up from behind the desk and allow you to experience training first-hand, and when training is complete, you will be ready, willing and able to respond appropriately in emergency situations.

How often should fire warden training be carried out?

Fire Warden Training (PUAFER005) takes only 4 hours to complete, yet delivers a remarkable array of attainments that you can carry with you for life. This shows just how easy first aid and emergency training is to assimilate when training is delivered by committed professionals with a desire to make a real difference.

Fire Wardens are in demand, and Real Response training is your pathway toward job satisfaction, promotion, or an introduction to an entirely new career trajectory. The qualifications are easily renewed, allowing you to remain an accredited fire warden at all times for the safety and security of those you care about. The knowledge and skills delivered by Real Response are second-to-none and something to be proud of.

Skills attainments

We deliver skills attainments that translate into real-world scenarios. You will develop the ability to relate to all people during an emergency, including those from different cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds. Other essential skills attainments gained in the Fire Warden Training course include:

  • Assist anyone who needs urgent help
  • Apply methods of accounting for people
  • Carry out a search pattern within your designated area
  • Contribute to emergency management planning and procedures
  • Exercise genuine leadership during workplace emergencies
  • Communicate clearly according to specified emergency procedures in your workplace
  • Use emergency equipment assigned to you for satisfactory emergency response

Knowledge attainments

At Real Response, knowledge and skills go hand-in-hand. Knowledge without skill is simply theoretical, while skill without knowledge is downright dangerous. The knowledge we provide will help you use the fire warden skillset effectively and appropriately in any emergency. Knowledge attainments include:

  • Evacuation priorities
  • Hazard identification
  • Workplace emergency response procedures
  • Assessing, anticipating and evaluating developing emergencies
  • Emergency reporting including signals, alarms and warnings
  • The context of your role for responding to emergencies
  • Command, control and coordination of emergency procedures
  • Communication with emergency services and first aid personnel
  • Keeping records of events using incident reports and other documentation

By undertaking fire warden training, you will learn how to take precautions during emergencies and evacuations, adequately respond to various situations and keep relevant authorities informed of developments. Safety of persons under your command is paramount, and Real Response course instructors will show you exactly how it can be achieved.

How many fire wardens are required in the workplace?

Every business or organisation should include trained individuals who are qualified and capable of responding appropriately to emergencies. There are several factors involved in ascertaining the number of fire wardens your business requires, although you should have no hesitation in training numerous people to take up the responsibility. Here are a few factors for getting the numbers right.

1: The number of floors in your building. You need to have one fire warden for each floor, although two is preferable in order to cover sickness and holidays.

2: The number of occupants per floor, along with risks in your business. Low risk workplaces should aim for at least one fire warden for every 50 staff, while high risk workplaces need around one fire warden for every 15 staff.

3: The types of occupants in your building. When emergencies and evacuations occur, it’s important to prioritise the needs of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women and visitors who are unaware of the building layout.

4: Then number of shifts associated with your business. The more shifts involved, the more fire wardens are needed. A sufficient number of fire wardens should be present at your establishment at any given time.

5: The presence of combustibles, chemicals, sources of ignition and other flammables. Fire can spread extremely fast and fire wardens should be ready to respond within one or two minutes and have all staff safely negotiating the evacuation route within another minute.

How long does a fire warden certificate last?

Real Response training programs are inclusive, allowing all course participants to immerse themselves in the learning experience. Our simulation based training system presents realistic scenarios that are enhanced by using props, actors and real emergency equipment during emergency response practice. The nationally accredited qualifications are attained in only 4 hours of dedicated training, with certification lasting for 1 year prior to a quick renewal course.

At Real Response, the essential skills are deeply learnt and ready to be recalled during real emergencies from the moment you complete the course. High level simulation training for trainee fire floor wardens delivered by Real Response includes:

  • Transformation of your premises into a realistic emergency site
  • Emergency sirens, lights, pyrotechnics and 000 calls
  • Development of communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Establishment of local procedures, controls and mustering points
  • Provision of suitable fire warden identification such as helmets and vests
  • Searching floors and other areas and restricting access to danger areas
  • Assisting with recovery activities and restoration of normal building activities

Real Response training is comprehensive. Our company was established as a partnership between highly qualified paramedics and teachers in order to bridge the gap between first aid knowledge and genuine emergency response capability. Since foundation in Melbourne in 2014 we have expanded to service the Sydney CBD and suburbs.  Our clients are safer than ever, while course graduates are reaping the benefits.

Real Response course facilitators invite you and your staff to experience the best first aid and emergency response training programs available. Establishing correct fire warden regulations will make a real difference in the lives of those under your care and supervision. For higher levels of training and increased responsibility, Real Response also delivers Chief Fire Warden training for developing comprehensive fire marshal knowledge and a dedicated skillset for saving lives when no one else can.

Real Response training courses including fire extinguisher training are held onsite at your premises and in-house at our dedicated training headquarters. We also offer public first aid and CPR training courses at convenient locations around Melbourne and Sydney for individuals and groups who are ready to make a real life changing and life saving difference.