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Any large building or establishment where people gather requires first aiders for overseeing health and safety. Operations need to function seamlessly and securely for all workers and visitors. Building and industry managers are on the lookout for staff who can multitask and outperform the competition, with Fire Warden Training (PUAWER005B) another way Real Response helps you develop a workplace advantage.

What You Will Learn?

Fire Warden Training offers a great program for people who thrive on responsibility. Nationally accredited qualifications can be attained in only 4hrs of dedicated study, with certification lasting for 1 year prior to a quick renewal course. At Real Response, skills are learnt using simulation training, where you get genuine emergency response practice during training and graduate with skills that are honed and ready for use. Fire warden training includes:
  • Understanding designated responsibilities related to emergency response
  • Development of workplace emergency procedures
  • Reporting risks and hazards in the workplace
  • Evaluation of workplace emergencies and evacuations
  • Preparing for an evacuation
  • Assisting others in accord with emergency response procedures

Customer Reviews

Who are the real response trainers?

Our qualified instructors are world-class legends. They’re paramedics, firemen, critical care nurses and former military. These are people who know how to think on their feet and will teach you to do the same. Our trainers want you to be involved, ask questions and have a go. Great effort and planning is taken to ensure an inclusive, safe and non-intimidating learning environment. We don’t want you to memorise a stack of information on ‘how to apply first aid’, we want you to experience it for yourself. Meet The Team

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Who Will Benefit from Fire Warden Training?

With Real Response training, everyone benefits. Fire warden training is ideally undertaken with like-minded persons interested in occupational health and safety. There is a lot of overlap these days between first aid, emergency response, OH&S, and medical first aid procedures that can be performed on site, and fire wardens play an important role.

Coaxing reluctant people away from their workstations can be difficult, but with the right training comes an approach that will be respected and appreciated. Fire wardens evacuate staff and visitors, corral people at designated meeting points, count heads, maintain emergency equipment, and assist other first aiders and emergency services personnel. Fire wardens are an essential part of any building safety strategy, and an important addition to any enthusiastic workforce.  

Why do I Need this Qualification?

Fire wardens hold responsible positions that are taken seriously. First aid emergency response is best performed with a cool head and decisive mind for making the right decisions. Fire warden training establishes an important link in the life saving chain. This course is ideal for staff who want to develop leadership capabilities in the workplace. Employment progression potential includes emergency management planning, communications, equipment and facilities maintenance and other essential workplace functions.

How Is Fire Warden Training Structured?

Real Response training programs are inclusive, allowing all course participants to immerse themselves in the learning experience. Our simulation training presents scenarios that are enhanced using actors, props, real emergency equipment, team-bonding emergency response practice, and a whole lot more.

Fire wardens need to control the movements of workmates and colleagues during an emergency, so training is structured to benefit every member of the workforce. With Real Response, the competencies become second nature, including the capability to respond to emergency, secure the site, coordinate helpers, communicate with medics, prioritise the evacuation, and apply appropriate workplace procedures.