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This course is designed for individuals who are in charge of enacting the emergency response in a large organisation, building or establishment. The course builds on PUAFER005 to develop the essential leadership skills required to lead emergency response protocol. The Chief Warden course, also known as Lead an Emergency Control Organisation (PUAFER006), delivers broad ranging knowledge and skills for developing natural leadership qualities used during life-threatening emergencies and building evacuations.

What is Chief Warden training?

Chief Warden training provides the skills required to ascertain the extent of onsite emergencies and supervise evacuation. In this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of emergency procedures, along with practical drills on controlling workplace emergencies for the safety of persons under your charge. Real Response course instructors utilise enhanced simulation-based training methods tailored to the needs of your building, establishment and personnel, according to your respective policies and procedures, and in accord with government guidelines.

The course is suitable for workplace leaders such as Chief Wardens, Deputy Chief Wardens, Chief of Fire and Safety, Building Managers, Evacuation Officers and other emergency responders at your premises. Chief Wardens oversee individual floor Fire Wardens and communicate with security staff, floor managers and others, while also providing appropriate guidance and communications with professional emergency services such as fire services, police and paramedics.

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Who are the real first aid trainers?

Our qualified instructors are world-class legends. They’re paramedics, firemen, critical care nurses and former military. These are people who know how to think on their feet and will teach you to do the same. Our trainers want you to be involved, ask questions and have a go. Great effort and planning is taken to ensure an inclusive, safe and non-intimidating learning environment. We don’t want you to memorise a stack of information on ‘how to apply first aid’, we want you to experience it for yourself.

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Why do fire safety training?

Everyone understands the danger of fire, but very few people know how to respond to fire emergencies effectively. By undertaking Chief Warden training with Real Response, and conducting regular fire and evacuation drills as recommended, your establishment and personnel will be prepared at all times to deal with high-risk fires and other emergencies.

Real Response is continually upgrading and expanding course options to make Australia a safer place for everyone. Our major cities and regional centres are busy, bustling places, and health and safety is prioritised more than ever. Real Response aims to empower everyone with genuine life saving capabilities, from individuals and small groups to some of Australia’s major employers. In only a few short years, Real Response clients have trained organisations that include the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Sea Shepherd, Crown, Mercure Hotels and the Salvation Army, to name a few.

On-site training reduces travel costs and minimises disruption to your regular workplace activities. It also provides an opportunity for our instructors to provide industry-specific guidance regarding required equipment for your workplace and the establishment of appropriate procedures for combatting and reporting fires. We also offer Fire Warden (PUAFER005) and Fire Extinguisher (PUAFER008) training courses for all-round safety, security and superior emergency response.

What is involved in a Chief Warden course?

You will learn how to apply command, coordination and control of workplace emergency procedures in a building or other premises where large numbers of people gather. You will also learn how to respond to emergency signals and warnings for a fast and safe response. Knowledge and skills attainments of Chief Fire Warden (PUAFER006) training include:

  • Implementing emergency planning and control structures
  • Understanding fire warden and chief fire warden relations and identification
  • Fire and other incident control scenarios typically experienced by chief fire wardens
  • Methods of raising an alarm and communicating with others during an emergency
  • Safety procedures during fires, building evacuations and other emergencies
  • Assisting vulnerable people such as the elderly, children and those with disabilities
  • Command and control measures for guiding other first aid trained personnel
  • Briefing emergency services according to your specific building layout
  • Post evacuation management and reporting according to established protocol

What equipment do you use?

At Real Response, we are all about realism. We encourage course participants to actively engage in genuine emergency response practice even while training, and when training is complete you will be fully armed with knowledge and skills to save lives in low-frequency, high-risk situations. We use real life saving equipment and realistic simulations that engender deeper learning and greater knowledge retention that remains embedded and ready for use. Simulation-based emergency response training, formerly used only by police, paramedics and the military, is a Real Response standout feature that delivers superior results. Simulation training includes:

  • Transformation of your premises for realistic emergency and evacuation training
  • The use of real emergency equipment even while practicing
  • Emergency sirens, lights, pyrotechnics and 000 calls for additional reality
  • Development of communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Establishment of local procedures suitable for your building or premises
  • Establishment of evacuation pathways and mustering points
  • Provision of chief warden identification such as helmets and vests
  • Searching floors and other areas and restricting access to danger areas
  • Assisting with recovery activities and restoration of normal building activities

Real Response offers comprehensive fire emergency and evacuation training. Founded in 2014, Real Response is a partnership between some of Australia’s best paramedics and  teachers who are dedicated to bridging the gap between first aid knowledge and genuine emergency response capability. Industry experts are onboard the Real Response revolution and we have expanded to meet demand in the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs and suburbs. Our clients are safer than ever, with graduates of this nationally accredited course in demand all around Australia.

What are the entry requirements?

Chief Warden (Lead an Emergency Control Organisation) students are expected to have completed Fire Warden (PUAFER005) training. Real Response offers both courses along with other nationally accredited emergency response courses including Fire Extinguisher Training. Real Response provides genuine pathways for upgrading fire warden duties and first aid qualifications for achieving workplace promotion and career development.

PUAFER006 is for people who are suited to taking a leadership role in the workplace. You will build on skills that include delivery of clear instructions and directives during emergency conditions, along with making quick and certain decisions appropriate to a range of emergency situations. Interpersonal communication skills are required, including the ability to communicate with and instruct people from a range of cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds. Real Response provides all required fire warden training materials for convenient, comprehensive learning.

What is the duration and schedule for a chief warden course?

The Chief Warden training course takes only 2 hours to complete and provides certification that lasts for 3 years prior to the need for a short refresher course. Emergency response fire warden skills and knowledge are easy to assimilate using simulation-based training delivered by highly experienced instructors. Our Real Response team is comprised of real heroes with vast life-saving experience in backgrounds that include paramedics, firefighters, medical emergency and military emergency professionals.

At Real Response, you are in safe hands and training is delivered in an enjoyable and enlightening manner. Training is ideal for workplace team bonding and skills development that will make your premises a safe and secure establishment for everyone to appreciate. We tailor on-site training at your workplace, building or other premises to optimise training outcomes.

What qualifications will I achieve?

Chief Warden (PUAFER006) training provides a valuable qualification and impressive array of capabilities in only a few hours of dedicated training. The nationally accredited qualifications are in demand by employers and industry experts, making the Chief Warden qualification an impressive feature of any portfolio or resume. When training is delivered by Real Response you are sure to stand out from the competition.

The qualifications you attain at Real Response will help protect workmates, colleagues and visitors to your establishment during life-threatening emergency situations where fast action and a cool head is required. Our simulation-based first aid training delivered by some of Australia’s finest emergency services personnel for making a real difference in ways that include:

  • Simulation training saves more lives
  • Simulation training creates a safer environment
  • Simulation training is suitable for people of all ages
  • Simulation training is an active and fun way to learn
  • Simulation training is ideal for team-building exercises
  • Simulation training develops important leadership skills
  • Simulation training tests genuine emergency response times

Practice makes perfect, so at Real Response training we make sure your qualifications translate directly into real-world scenarios where you will need to act with confidence, clarity and decisiveness for the benefit of everyone.

What are chief warden responsibilities?

Chief wardens carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, so at Real Response we keep class sizes manageable to ensure no student is left behind. We get course participants up from the desk and into realistic emergency action that delivers superior training results. We encourage students to ask questions, relay concerns and reach out for advice to make certain the capabilities are deeply learnt. Here are just a few chief warden responsibilities and capabilities you will develop with us.

Prepare for workplace emergencies

  • Identify possible workplace emergency situations
  • Assess, analyse and apply information related to typical emergency situations
  • Perform emergency actions according to the workplace emergency plan

Apply command, control and coordinate aspects of workplace emergency procedures

  • Initiate the emergency response according to industry-specific requirements
  • Make suitable arrangements for the safety of people under your care
  • Prioritise emergency response activities and secure assets where possible
  • Assess initial response activities in coordination with emergency services

Response to emergency reports, signals and warnings

  • Correctly identify and initiate emergency reports, signals and warnings
  • Attend and operate emergency stations according to workplace procedures
  • Assess emergency situations and take appropriate action

Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response

  • Ensure reports of affected building or premises areas are sought and received
  • Methods of accounting for evacuated people according to workplace procedures
  • Analyse initial emergency response results and reports

Conclude incident

  • Taking action to provide the ‘all clear’ to appropriate people
  • Collect and present information for debriefing in a timely manner
  • Provide critical incident stress management wherever required

How will you recognise the Chief Warden?

Chief wardens, deputy chief wardens and fire wardens on individual building levels are recognised by wearing appropriate helmets, vests and other easily identifiable items during a time of emergency. Real Response professionals can help your business create effective warden stations located in appropriate areas of your premises. Chief warden fire training includes thorough understanding of fire warden training materials and how they apply to your specific situation.

The number of fire wardens required in your building will vary according to the nature of your premises, staffing levels and workplace functions. The chief warden has a lot of people under their jurisdiction, and appropriate response to emergencies is only possible with the right team in place, so here ae a few tips for gauging the fire and emergency evacuation staffing levels suitable for your workplace.

1: The number of floors in your building. You need to have one fire warden for each floor, although two is preferable in order to cover sickness and holidays.

2: The number of occupants per floor, along with risks in your business. Low risk workplaces should aim for at least one fire warden for every 50 staff, while high risk workplaces need around one fire warden for every 15 staff.

3: The types of occupants in your building. When emergencies and evacuations occur, it’s important to prioritise the needs of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women and visitors who are unaware of the building layout.

4: Then number of shifts associated with your business. The more shifts involved, the more fire wardens are needed. A sufficient number of fire wardens should be present at your establishment at any given time.

5: The presence of combustibles, chemicals, sources of ignition and other flammables. Fire can spread extremely fast and fire wardens should be ready to respond within one or two minutes and have all staff safely negotiating the evacuation route within another minute.

Emergencies aren’t an everyday occurrence, although Australian health and safety regulations and advice strongly recommend you have the best possible emergency response team in place at all times. Genuine emergencies and evacuations require decisive and informed action, and the thanks from those whose lives you save will be the best reward possible. For chief warden training, first aid training and industry-specific emergency response training courses delivered by Australia’s leading professionals, contact Real Response today and we will look after you and your team.