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Successful first aid, CPR and anaphylaxis emergency response is possible with the right knowledge and skill-set. Fortunately, Real Response course facilitators and instructors are qualified emergency services personnel with the ability to impart life saving techniques and guide every student to reach high first aid attainment levels. Our simulated training methods are an Australian industry first, showcasing a ‘learning by doing’ experience that results in greater first aid knowledge and skills retention.

Anaphylaxis treatment strategies are easy to master. Real Response was established to disseminate first aid knowledge throughout the broader Australian community, and anaphylaxis training courses such as First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis 22099VIC and 22282VIC are industry standard first aid qualifications accepted by all employers and government departments Australia-wide. These nationally accredited first aid attainments are packed full of life changing and life saving information and techniques.

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Duration: 2-3 Day

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  • HLTAID014
  • On site training available
  • Nationally Accredited
  • CPR Included
  • Certification length: 3 years
  • Simulation training included

How Do You Provide Anaphylaxis Treatment?

The first step is to understand anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) causes and symptoms. The causes are varied, including:

Food: Approximately 90 percent of allergic reactions are caused by peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, eggs, sesame and soy, although anaphylaxis can be triggered by any food. For some people, an extremely small amount of food can cause a severe allergic reaction.
Bites and stings: Bees, wasps, ants, ticks and other insect stings can trigger anaphylactic symptoms in susceptible individuals.
Medication: Some people are allergic to certain prescription and over the counter medications. Anaphylactic reactions to alternative herbal medicines are also relatively common.
Other anaphylaxis triggers: Less common anaphylaxis triggers include exercise and latex products. In some cases, the trigger can’t be identified, although first aid attainments enable a correct diagnosis by understanding the patient’s symptoms.

People suffering from an extreme allergic reaction can become confused, disorientated, scared or fatigued, so it’s important to provide comfort and support even after medication or treatment has been administered. Accurate communication with emergency services and the patient’s family is also required. Anaphylaxis management training at Real Response is an essential first aid unit of competency for accurate diagnosis, timely treatment and successful anaphylaxis emergency response outcomes.


Who Needs These Skills?

Most emergencies occur without warning and can take place at any time. Anaphylaxis emergency response skills and other first aid abilities are used regularly by emergency services, nursing, security and military personnel. Major stakeholders including Business, governments and private industry are also evolving, with greater emphasis on occupational health and safety, including first aid and emergency response.

Workplaces, schools, and community spaces are all enhanced when safety is a priority. Real Response course facilitators understand that Australians are active, social people who want to enjoy life, and course graduates with anaphylaxis management training will help to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Real Response attainments satisfy ASCIA anaphylaxis training requirements for working in schools and childcare centres, and more people than ever are undertaking first aid training that can be applied in an emergency.

What Information Is Learnt In This Course?

Anaphylaxis is preventable and can be treated. In many cases, individuals with allergies already have a management and treatment plan in place, including emergency medication as prescribed by a qualified physician. Administration of adrenaline using an EpiPen or Anapen is the first treatment step in cases of severe allergic reaction. EpiPen adrenaline autoinjectors contain a single, pre-measured dose that is easy to administer, with life-saving results.

Real Response course participants gain first-hand experience using genuine emergency equipment, devices and technology. Students are taught realistic emergency responses with simulations that resemble workplace or other settings, helping to improve teamwork, while encouraging leadership and communication skills. First aid anaphylaxis management attainments are in demand, and Real Response are ready to teach the skill-set to a whole new generation of Australians.

Real Response courses are suitable for workplace and school groups, as well as individuals who have a desire to create a safer environment. Class sizes are kept small to ensure every student receives appropriate guidance and the techniques remain accessible to be used when they are needed most. Developing advanced first aid skills is an empowering and life-changing experience that deserves to be shared with all Australians.

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